Sunday, September 8, 2019

Egg Omelette Wrap With Crunchy Bean Sprouts

I love sprouting my own beansprouts. It is convenient and so much healthier for I know what I use to sprout them.  Though the sprouts might not be short and plump but it is certainly crunchy and fragrant. I used black mung beans for sprouting. It is by far the best, better than the green mung beans.  It takes about 4 to 5 days to be ready for cooking.  This time, I use bean sprouts as fillings for the egg wrap and it tasted so yummy good. Soft egg omelette wrap with crunchy sprouts is easy to whip up on lazy days.

Egg Omelette Wrap With Crunchy Beansprouts

1 large egg - whisk with a pinch of salt and white pepper

1/2 cup bean sprouts - wash, drain off excess water
1 red chilli - slices thinly

Heat non stick pan with a tsp of vegetable oil, once it is hot, add in the whisk egg mixture and swirl it thinly to form a pancake. Once the base is slightly set, throw in the beansprouts and red chilli and spread them evenly over the surface. Fold over the other half. and cooked till the omelette wrap is cooked through with the edges browning and crisps up.  Dish up and serve immediately.

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