Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pan Fried Homemade Pressed Tofu With Shichimi Seasoning

I have been making my own tofu since the day I learned from Angie Tee.  Gosh, it was really kind of her to share her knowledge on making tofu.  I am a tofu lover and I eat a lot of tofu in a month. Homemade would be best for me since I cook them very often. Free from preservative and the taste and texture is so good that I will not buy commercial ones anymore.  

I add them to my Miso soup, Korean Jiggae , steam it with lots of fried shallots and soy sauce and so many other dishes  that I can cook with tofu. Today, I just pan fried them . Simple yet delicious. All I did was coat them with rice flour and sprinkle Shichimi seasoning on them while they are still hot from the pan.  Crispy edges , soft on the inside and oh gosh I can just go on eating them leaving none for hubby if he didn't stop me "  helloo... keep some for me "  LOL!

You can hop over to Angie's blog Seasalt With Food , she has many wonderful recipes that she shares there.  This is the fifth pressed tofu I have made so far.

it is a joy to hold this piece of homemade pressed tofu

coat each piece of tofu with rice flour and salt
before pan frying them with a little oil
on a non stick pan..the oil helps to give the tofu pieces
the crispy edges, yet soft on the inside.
the moment the fried tofu are out of the pan,
sprinkle shichimi seasoning on them

For the video on how to made your own tofu
click the link below


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