Monday, October 1, 2018

Ikan Nenas Masak Lemak Chilli Padi

I have frozen fish in the freezer which had been sitting for a month there for a month and I am running out of ideas what to cook with them. I googled and saw this mouth-watering fish dish, cooked in coconut milk with fresh turmeric , shallots, lemongrass and bird's eye chilli...oh I am sure hubby would love this dish though he doesn't eat fish much unless I remove the bones for him. Spoon fed in other words :p  He loves pineapple, so I will add pineapple to the dish. And while I was cooking this dish, he could smell the wonderful aroma of spices and he came running into the kitchen ... "what are you cooking, smell good !"  hahaha and he ran out of the kitchen reminding me " cook more gravy and rice ya "  LOL  Of course ,his mom cooked better than me when it comes to this kind of dishes.  His mom was a Nyonya so definitely she cooked better than me :)

Okay, it was a Threadfin I found in the freezer and I cooked this dish with it.  It is the simplest form of cooking a dish that is spicy and tangy.   Every mouthful of the gravy has a combination of flavours bursting in the mouth and we both had to have extra helping of rice.LOL

other than the coconut milk, this dish is quite healthy
as no oil is needed

once the ground ingredients  are fragrant, add in the thin coconut milk
and let it simmer under low heat

add in the fish last when the gravy has thicken slightly
and continue to simmer till the fish is cooked

add a pinch of  salt to taste

serve with rice

Ikan Nenas Masak Lemak Chilli Padi

pound together the ingredients (A) with pestle and mortar
ingredients (A)
5 dried chilli - remove seeds, soak in hot water till soften
6 shallots
3 red bird's eye chillies ( chili padi )
1 clove of garlic
1 inch length of fresh turmeric

1 medium sized Threadfin - clean and washed, rub a pinch of salt over the fish , cut into 2 pieces
1 lemongrass crushed
1/4 pineapple - sliced
1.5 cups of thin coconut milk
2 slices of tamarind slices or 1 tsp of tamarind paste
1 tsp of sugar
salt to taste


Sauted (A) , lemongrass and pineapple over medium low heat in a non stick pan, once the pineapple and the ground ingredients are fragrant, add in the thin coconut milk and tamarind slices and simmer under low heat until the pineapple has soften and the gravy has slightly thicken and fragrant. Add in the fish pieces and cover with lid and let it simmer under low heat till the fish is totally cooked.  Add a tsp of sugar and a pinch of salt to taste .Dish up and serve with rice.


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