Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kerabu Mango - Mango Salad Asian Style

Mango salad or commonly known as Kerabu Mango is the family favorite side dish . An appetizer which is a must order when dining in Thai Restaurant.  Since it is a favorite, I decided to learn how to make this all time favorite of the family.  After reading through a few recipe, I came up with this simple yet delicious mango salad.  With homegrown mint added to the salad, it really take this mango salad to another level ,and making it my own signature mango salad  :)  The mango looks slightly on the ripe side but no worry, I prefer the taste and texture of the mango at this stage. It is not sour and still has its crunch.  Love the mint leaves in this mango salad....the aroma and taste is fantastic. Try it and I am sure your family would love it as much as mine :)  I served this mouth-watering salad with home deep fried chicken. 

seven  main ingredients made up this mouth-watering mango salad
green mango, mint leaves, red onion slices, bird's eye chillies,
deep fried crispy anchovies and toasted peanuts and fish sauce is the 
most important ingredient here :)

I prefer my green mango to be lightly ripen, still have the crunch and not so sour

toss all the ingredients together with the fish sauce mixture
till well combined
this is mouth watering mango salad is a keeper for sure

an appealing appetizer..goes well with deep fried chicken

I am sure no one will complain if you serve them this pair for dinner :)

Kerabu Mango Salad Asian Style 

1 green mango ( apple mango / chokunan ) - remove skin and use grater to grate into shreds
1 handful of mint leaves
1/4 cup deep fried crispy anchovies
1/3 cup of toasted peanuts - pounded coarsely

1 big red onion - cut into thin slices
2 bird's eye chilli - sliced
1 calamansi - squeeze for juice

Fish sauce mixture - mix all the ingredients tog
2 tbsp of fish sauce
1 tsp of sugar
a pinch of salt


Place the all the prepared ingredients together on a big salad plate.  Pour the fish sauce mixture onto the prepared salad ingredients and toss together till well combined.  Serve chilled as an appetizer .

Enjoy and have a great weekend !

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