Sunday, September 18, 2016

Birthday Celebration @ New York Sushi & Cafe

Just as we thought that we had tasted it all in the wonderful world of food cuisine and how wrong we could have been. Today we had the opportunity to try yet another Japanese Cafe which surprisingly is located not far from where we stay. Our first impression was that the cafe had a rather simplistic and functional setting but then never judge a book by its cover. This quaint place has hints of New York with little tell tale signs decorating its walls. What caught our attention immediately was a photo taken in his US restaurant with Bill Clinton and also Sean Connery. A partner of this place quickly explained that it was taken when the main Chef Eddy Tan was then working in the US. We later found out that NTV7 has also featured this rather humble cafe in one of its programs in July this year.

We had in total seven types of house favorites as recommended, with the Chilled on ice Shashimi Platter stealing the show. This was exceptionally very fresh and was pre ordered a day in advance as otherwise it would take a very long time to prepare if we had ordered on the spot. Our Sashimi platter consisted of Scallops, Akagai (surf clamps), yellow tail, Canadian sweet prawns, tuna, salmon,butterfish,octopus.Even though item here was raw but very very fresh, Wild Boar happily tucked in to every single item. It was a truly melt in your mouth experience as we dipped each piece into a mix of wasabi and their own version of something reminiscent of soy sauce and thinly sliced pickled ginger. Even the head of the Canadian Sweet Prawns was not spared by us as we chewed into every piece which has been lightly fried.

The Sushi rolls were delicately and very well done and the Ebiko which is Wild Boar's favorite came as a very pleasant surprise as the topping was so generous . 

We caught the scent of something flavorful and found out it was their version of fried rice which we promptly ordered. The Japanese short grain rice was very well cooked and fried, garnished with octopus,mussels fried with yet again a secret XO sauce.It was perfectly fried with hardly any trace of oiliness which you would see in other places.

The Chef made many visits to our table detailing his numerous off the menu items with lots of his creation but subject to availability due to seasonal constraints. He showed us a special dish only available for Valentines Day and this is something which he is very proud of. There is a photo of him holding up two gigantic lobsters in each hand in which he was commissioned to cook on board a private cruiser sailing from Connecticut to Manhattan on a private event and he was very proud of this event.

We invited the Chef and another partner to take a photograph with us and they graciously agreed as our dinner came to a close. We adjourned for a few rounds of Snow Beer and were already planning another dinner date in the not too far future. Wild Boar has already chalked up this place New York Sushi Cafe in his book of favorites in no particular order as Buffet Dinner at Majestic Hotel with free flow of wine, Ippudo, Wild Hog,Chic-a-Beer and Mokuren. 

We will definitely come back for more !

this Shashimi platter for 6 persons has to be pre-ordered and 

 octopus slices, the Canadian sweet prawns is a must have...
tuna sweet and briny taste, yellow tail, butterfish , melt in the mouth salmon

scallops so sweet and melts in the mouth

Akagai , part of the shashimi platter fresh 

generous helping of ebiko, easily half the height of the sushi

 special seafood fried rice...another favorite 
with mussels and squids

fish head noodles

this is my favorite sushi roll with shashimi filling
and coated with nori flakes...highly recommended

 Sushi Roll of specially prepared yellow beans skin as its wrap 
which is crispy ...highly recommended by the Chef

Soft crab roll with avocado....another highly recommended
this is really good

snow beers to end the night  

a joyful toast to each other

New York Sushi & Cafe
24, Jalan Medan Ipoh 3, Bandar Baru Tambun Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh,
Tel. 605-545 3089

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