Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Homegrown Mint And Taiwan 'Yau Mak' - Healthy Meal

I am happy with my harvest from my little space...Mint and Taiwan 'Yau Mak' .  I turned them into healthy dishes...simple to prepare and lots of nutrients :) and knowing what you feed the veggies makes it even more healthier :p  First dish is Mint Omelette With Toasted Laver (seaweed) and the second dish is Stir fry Taiwan ' Yau Mak' with tau joo aka fu yee ( white version ).  These two dishes is enough for two persons.  A light meal though. You can serve these dishes with teochew porridge or with plain rice. 

I do eat -out often or order in if I am too lazy or tired.  And when I cook, I try to cook healthy and homecooked is still the best.

the mint grown in my little space are luscious

these homegrown Taiwan 'Yau Mak' are sweet and crunchy

toasted laver (seaweed)

mint omelette with toasted laver...
so good

a simple and light dinner after a heavy lunch  :)

I love this stir fry style for the Taiwan 'yau mak' especially
with garlic, chilli and fu yee

Mint Omelette With Toasted Laver 

a bunch of mint leaves - wash clean and drain dry
a clove of garlic - chopped
1 or 2 bird's eye chilli - sliced
2 eggs - beat up - season with a pinch of salt & pepper
1 tbsp of grapeseed oil for frying the omelette

a small packet of toasted laver(seaweed)

Heat up non-stick pan with a tbsp of grapeseed oil, saute the garlic, chilli till fragrant. Add in the mint leaves and as soon as the leaves wilted, add in the beaten eggs and cook till the eggs has set. Flip over when the bottom is lightly brown. Add the toasted laver pieces by pieces 0nto the surface of the omelette.  Once the bottom side is brown. Dish up and served hot with either plain rice or teochew porridge.

Stir Fry Taiwan ' Yau Mak ' With Fu Yee or Tau Joo

a bunch of Taiwan ' Yau Mak ' - soaked, cleaned and drained and cut 1" length (stem and leaves)
3 cloves of garlic  -  chopped
2 bird's eye chillies - sliced
1/2 piece of fu yee /tau joo (white version)
1 tbsp of grapeseed oil
1/4 cup of water
* pinch of salt to taste - I omit salt as fu yee is quite salty

Heat up wok with 1 tbsp of grapeseed oil, add in chopped garlic , chillies and fu yee and saute till fragrant. Add in the cut Taiwan ' Yau Mak' and stir fry till it starts to wilt or soft, add 1/4 water or less and continue to stir fry till the veggie is cook.  Dish up and serve with porridge or rice.

Have a great day !


  1. It looks like a very healthy and delicious meal.

    1. Angie, and nit only healthy but flavors packaged too :)

  2. I agree with you, home cooked meals are the best and very healthy!

    1. Hehehe yea esp fresh produce from our own garden :) thanks for dropping by


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