Monday, June 20, 2016

Fried Rice Vermicelli Vegetarian Style

This is the vegetarian fried rice vermicelli that I cooked to bring along with the Ayam Goreng Berempah to the cg meeting, which I had shared earlier in my previous post.  I am not good at handling fried mee or rice vermicelli for that matters but I am glad that I managed to pull it through. I added wood ear fungus, chinese mushrooms, cabbage, carrots and not to forget , fried beancurd skin to the rice vermicelli.  The fried noodles tasted delicious and flavors-packed even though it was fried vegetarian style. 

I pounded some sambal belacan as an accompaniment for the fried noodles. The sambal belacan was lipsmackingly good. I am glad that my cg loved this dish besides the crispy flavorful Ayam Goreng Berempah.  I always have this joyful feeling whenever I see people enjoying my homecook food. I love to cook for poeple who appreciate my cooking :) This is a keeper and I will definitely cook this again for my next potluck gathering since I can handle the frying of rice noodles :)  

to make things easier , I gave all the cut ingredients a quick stir fry 
and add seasoning to taste before adding to the fried noodles

and deep fried the beancurd skin to be added later to the 
fried noodles

crispy shallots and spring onions for garnishing

these are two dishes plus  a red bean sweet soup I cooked for last Friday cg meeting
Yay! I managed to cook these in just one afternoon

Fried Rice Noodles Vegetarian Style


1 pkt of rice noodles  ( beehoon ) soaked in water for 10 -15mins, drain off water and keep aside

1 pkt of dried beancurd skin - deep fried till lightly golden, drain off excess oil
1 carrot - grate into long thin shreds
1/4 cabbage - cut into shreds
a few pieces of wood ear fungus - soak till soften, cut into shreds
6 pieces of chinese mushrooms - soak till soften cut into shreds
2 tbsp of grapeseed oil 
2 shallots -sliced
1 cloves of garlic - sliced

seasoning mixture

2 tbsp of oyster sauce
a dash of ground white pepper
a tsp of dark soy sauce
1 tbsp of light sauce
3/4 cup of water
a drop of sesame oil


6 shallots - slice thinly - fried in oil till crispy and golden brown
3 cloves of garlic - slice thinly - fried in oil till crispy and golden brown
spring onion - sliced

Sambal Belacan - 
10 fresh red chillies - you can add bird's eye chilli if you want more heat
 1" square X 1/4 " thick belacan

Method to make sambal belacan

Coarsely pound  10 fresh chillies in a mortar and pestle , while the  belacan is being toasted on the hot griddle.  Once the belacan is well toasted and fragrant , add to the pounded chilli and continue to pound till the toasted belacan is evenly combined into chilli.   Take out and serve with the fried noodles.


Heat 2 tbsp of grapeseed oil in wok, saute sliced garlic and shallots till fragrant, add in ingredients (A) and stir fried till cooked and cabbage has soften. Dish up and keep aside.

Using the same wok, heat up 2 tbsp of oil , once oil is hot, add in the rice noodles and stir fry for 5 mins.  Add in the seasoning mixture and continue to stir fry the noodles till rice noodle is cooked. Taste the rice noodle, if it is bland, add in salt to taste. Once the noodles has soften, add in the stir fried ingredients (A) and some crispy shallots and garlic and  mix till well combine. Dish up and sprinkle garnishings on the fried noodles. Serve  with sambal belacan.

Enjoy !


  1. A popular item for cell meetings. Looks yummy!

    1. hahaha yes, a popular item , the sambal belacan makes it even more yummy :)

  2. How delicious! I love those fried tofu sheets! My mom likes to garnish with fried shallots and spring onions for the mee stirfry too.

    1. Angie, me too, I have to add those tofu sheets :) it makes the fried noodles more delicious and not so plain looking :p

  3. I am sure everyone will turn up for the cg meetings if they know you are bringing your delicious food Elin.

    1. Veron, many turned up not because of my food leh :p it is simple and light supper after cg hehehe no one complain but say the chicken and fried noodles are good...blushing

  4. Mmm...fried rice favourite, unfortunately somehow I cannot get it right. Will give it a try again, using your recipe. Thanks for sharing, Elin!

    1. me too, hard to handle but I managed to pull it thru this time :p...try my recipe and see..the rice vermicelli brand is important too...get the Tiger brand..soak till it soften but not too soft. Good luck Irene :)


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