Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Korean BBQ And Ssambap @ Home

I received an electric Pan Grill for my birthday from WB... hehehe and ever since then I have been thinking of korean bbq and my all time favorite Ssambap ( a korean lettuce wrap ) with ssamjang dip sauce.  I told WB , "lets have our own Daorae Korean BBQ at home " and I was surprised he said YESSS.  We bought a few pieces of spare rib chops from our regular butcher and had them marinated with my own marinade sauce....mmmm I managed to whip up my own marinade sauce, almost 90 percent as close to the one from Daorae... after having eaten and tasted Daorae ( just kidding )  I made my own marinade sauce which consists of gochujang paste, sesame seeds, marmalade jam and light soy sauce and a tiny drop of sesame oil. Wow, it was good...really tasty.  I marinated the spare rib chops in the morning...cling wrapped them and kept them in the fridge till needed.

I made some ssamjang dip sauce for the lettuce wrap )  I googled for the recipe and found one that I think would be flavorful  - it consists of gochujang paste, local beanpaste, sesame oil, chopped onion,chopped garlic and finely sliced spring onions. 

marinade sauce

we chose spare rib chops

beautiful chops....juicy and tender and flavorful

as it sizzles in the pan grill...the aroma made us hungry

added some red onion slices for the wraps

once it is cooked, we cut the chops into thinner pieces
for ssambap ( lettuce wrap )

this is a must have for ssambap...the Ssamjang dip sauce

my lettuce wrap(Ssambap) 
filled with slices of grilled chops , ssamjang sauce,
pickled garlic and kimchi and fresh mushrooms

With the leftover ingredients, I stir fry some rice on the grill pan
korean style...so tasty  !

Yummilicious fried rice :)

Enjoy !

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