Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Sweet 56 Elin @ Food & Desire

Today I admit I am 56 instead of 26 . And today I decided that I will stop crapping so WB made it a point that I will remember this day by buying me a special soft shell crab birthday 'cake'.  Look at the picture and you will see that the crab appears to give a cheeky smile. It was a delicious soft shell crab burger.  I have taken soft shell crabs quite often in Japanese restaurant.  This is by far the biggest I have laid my tongue on.  Thanks WB for the delicious and scrumptious birthday dinner and thank you to all my cell group members and my children for celebrating a week earlier with me.

WB asked me where I would like to have my birthday dinner....I told him why not Food & Desire !  I love this place and its food.  Love their designer ice cream too. But for today , there is no more room for their designer ice cream.  The soft crab burger is named ' HOLY CRAB ' :)  I should have asked the owner why she named the soft shell crab burger ' HOLY CRAB '....  anyway it was a nice piece of deliciousness.....I pray that I will get to enjoy many more happy sweet birthdays with WB and my four children .   What was my birthday wish ?  hehehe I think I forgot to make a wish but I did remember to say grace before taking my first bite !

no birthday cake but just this soft shell crab burger
love it...mmmmm yummy!

Fish and Chips for me
I am happy it is NOT DORY fish
so super good

Grilled Chicken with black pepper sauce for WB 

I had a wonderful time chilling out with WB
just like the good old times :)

Food & Desire 
fusion - ice-cream-fondue

18, Jalan Medan Ipoh,
1D, Medan Ipoh Bistari.

Te; 012-5025540


  1. You had the burger AND the fish? Never mind, once a year. Hehehehehe!!!! Ya, no Dory for me either, thank you very much. Happy birthday, God bless.

    1. Arthur , thank you for the birthday wish...WB and I shared the ' cake ' hehehe small portion anyway :p

  2. Best wishes to you for your birthday!

  3. Blessed belated birthday, Elin!


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