Monday, July 6, 2015

Smoked Chicken

Smoked chicken taste better than roast chicken.  The distinctive smoky flavor is to die for.  I used to roast chicken for WB but since I learnt how to smoke chicken using the wok, I have been making these smoked chicken for WB . I learned how to smoke in the wok from my cg leader when I helped her make smoke chicken drumsticks for some fund raising project.   Who say we stop learning once we are retired...hahaha for me it is still learning process till I take the last breath :p

I smoked some for him a week before we caught the flu bug. WB prefers his chicken to be  marinated with just black pepper and plenty of sea salt.  It is really addictive and WB is still craving for it ....ok I promised to make some again once we recover from this flu :)  This smoked chicken is a keeper for sure. Now I dont have to think what to cook for the coming Christmas....smoked chicken it will be :p

you need a piece of alumium foil to line the base of the wok
throw in some tea leaves ( puer or any type of tea leaves)
with some brown sugar...when the tea leaves and brown sugar get burnt,
 it gives out a distinctive smoky flavor which is absorbed into the chicken

smoke the steamed marinaded chicken  for 
20 mins till brown

the meat remains tender and juicy

love this method of smoking chicken

I can have these pieces of smoked chicken all to myself :p

.......aromatic and finger licking good smoked chicken
great for parties and I am sure you will woo your guests with 
this home smoked chicken

Smoked Chicken 

1 whole chicken - cut into 4 parts with skin on
2 tsp of ground black pepper
2 tsp of sea salt

1 piece of aluminium foil big enough to cover base of wok
4 tbsp of tea leaves - any choice will do
1 tbsp of brown sugar


Marinated chicken parts with black pepper and sea salt and leave to rest for at least a few hours. Steamed them in a boiling steamer until the chicken parts are cooked.

Prepare the wok for smoking process.  Place a piece of aluminium foil at the base of wok.  Throw in the tea leaves and brown sugar and mix evenly.  Place a rack  over the tea leaves mixture.  Place the steamed chicken parts on a bbq aluminium netting tray and place the tray on the rack .  Cover the wok with lid and set the stove fire on high.  Smoked the chicken parts for 20 mins until the chicken turned golden brown and has the distinctive smoky flavor.



  1. Replies
    1. haha yea...I prefer smoked chicken now....the distinctive smoky flavor is to die for :) while the meat remains juicy and tender

  2. Stumbled upon your blog n was having such a good time reading your recipes n other sharings! Good job!!!

    1. thanks Irene...hope you truly enjoy all my sharings and kitchen tested recipe :)

    2. Will definitely try some of them n let u know how they turn out plus response fr big boss. But my problem is I m only a weekend cook n of late, we have been away most weekends

    3. Hi Elin! Nice meeting u at Big Bad Wolf today? Did u spend a long time there? I managed to grab quite a number of books, mainly fiction, n also one of Gordon Ramsay's. Had to dash off soon after for work ;)

  3. Hi Elin, I think I can smell the aroma of your beautiful smoked chicken from afar. Looks succulent. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Veron...are you back in Malaysia? must try this :) it is truly finger licking good :)

  4. Hi Elin
    I like your comment about not stopping to learn as we grow older..
    I am 65 and am still "learning"!! I still try out new recipes esp from food bloggers as I enjoy cooking for my grandson now - he is my most vocal critic but also the one who can eat the most!!
    I def want to try out your Smoked Chicken as we enjoy the Smoked Duck in Tuck Kee also... would this work with duck too you think? Does the chicken cook well in 20 mins?
    Thanks once again Elin and God Bless
    Mrs Singh Klebang Ipoh


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