Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lunch Near Eco World Garden, Semenyih

Semenyih is a small town near Kajang and frankly speaking , they have quite a number of nice restaurants serving delicious food.  My SIL introduced this new restaurant near Eco Garden ( I only remember the name of the Garden but can't remember the name of restaurant ;p and to tell you the truth, I love the dishes here and I promised myself that I will definitely visit this place again.  Yummy ! The bitter gourd deep fried and coated with salted artery clogging but yet so first and sweat out later new motto for this goatee year :)

this dish is also commendable....the prawns is fresh and
the celery , tender and it a simple stir fry
with prawns and mushrooms and young good!

and this to die for dish...
tofu with sweet preserved radish and
dried shrimps toppings this dish to bits
and now I am drooling just looking at it...

all the good food makes me wanna visit Semenyih again
and not only good food but to see my kids again
and my furkid too......ohhhh now now only I miss the food but
I miss them all......

Will find out the name of the restaurant from my gal

meantime drool at the food first :p


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