Monday, February 13, 2012

' Claypot' Chicken Rice

I was supposed to cook something for our cell group ' CNY Potbless' last Friday. I was really out of idea this time round.  Most probably, the mind was still in a limbo and the body just refused to function . To cook something elaborate, I have to take one day leave , and I could not take anymore leave for I have taken a week's leave for the recent CNY hols.  So, I cracked my head to think what to bring for the potbless party. Something simple and yet flavorful. One dish meal would be ideal.  And all of a sudden , I thought of this claypot rice....simple and yet delicious and I am sure many of the cell groups members would look forward to this.   Quite a  rush one but I managed to to finish cooking it by the time we leave for the meeting.  A simplified one , using just the electric rice cooker instead of starting a charcoal fire stove and cooking it in claypot :p  but after finished cooking it , I served them in a big claypot and everyone said ' thumbs up' for this rice dish  :)  Glad I cooked this , for no one brought rice dish for the nite.  The other cell members cooked veggie dishes and someone cooked nyonya curry chicken.... yummy feast !

This is so simple to make, perfect one dish meal for lazy/busy people like me  :p  To make things easier for myself, I prepared the ingredients the nite before.  And it took me just an hour to cook this . I taxed a bowl for photography session ! LOL!

' Claypot ' Chicken Rice

Ingredients :

1 chicken breast- cut into cubes
3 chicken drumsticks- debone and cut into cubes
2 pairs of chinese sausages- cut slices

10 pieces of  chinese mushroom - soak and cut into slices

marinade sauce:
2 tbsp of oyster sauce
1 tbsp of thick soy sauce
dash of ground pepper
1 tsp of sesame oil
1 tbsp of chinese cooking wine

3 tbsp of shallots crisps
cut chilli
cut spring onions - green part only


Cut the soaked mushrooms into slices . Put aside.  Cut the chinese sausages into slices . Cut the breast and drumstick meat into small cubes  and marinate the chinese sausages slices and chicken meat with the marinade sauce . Stir fry the mushroom slices for 5 minutes , add in the marinated meat and sausages for another 8 minutes .( half cooked )  Dish up and keep aside.

Fry the shallot slices till crisp, drained and keep aside. Cook the rice in the rice cooker like you normally do  ( lessen the water though ), half way through before the rice is cooked through , put in the half cooked  mushrooms, sausages and chicken meat on the rice and cover lid.   When the rice and meat are cooked through . Off the rice cooker and stir the rice so that the meat and musrooms and sausages are well mixed together. Take out and serve in claypot and garnish with shallots crisps and cut chilli.  For a more colorful presentation , you can add in some cut spring onions.

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  1. most of the time i also cook it in rice cooker, unless i want to do small portion, then i do it in small claypot but still very 'ma fan' , have to keep watching the water and fire.

  2. I love claypot rice and always like to add some deep fried salted fish in it.

  3. Looks delicious! I can just smell it ... am I imagining it? Ann's right, some fried salted fish would go perfectly with this ... yum!

  4. I love claypot rice, I tried to cook once but it turned out to be very watery. I will try your recipe next time :)

  5. Wish you and WB have a boarific Valentines :)

  6. Yummmmm!!!!!

    P.S. Happy Valentine's Day to you & Wild Boar today...and every day.

  7. too..easier to cook in rice cooker :) no need to watch it while it is cooking.

    Ann....yea, I forgotten about the salted fish coz was rushing for the potbless :)

    Ping....yea the next time I cook this, I shall add the salted fish to it...mmmmm now I am salivating thinking of the salted fish :)

    Wendy...thanks same to you too ! Have a sweet Valentine's Day with your loved ones !

    Arthur....awwww thank you so much ! Same to you too...have a sweet Valentine's Day with your loved ones!

  8. Love it. My kind of dish. Great flavors at play.

  9. love a good home made rice dish! thanks for sharing this recipe with us :)

  10. Lazaro....glad you like rice cooked this way :) are welcome :)

    yummychunklet....yea it is and easy to prepare too especially if one is rushed for time


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