Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pasta With Shrimps And Japanese Nori Seaweed Flakes

If given a choice , I would prefer eating pasta everyday to rice :)  You can simply whip up one in minutes and it will still turn out delicious !  Simple would be great especially with the slow roasted tomatoes ( I have finished all so no chance to cook them in pasta ) so I took whatever is available in the fridge and make them into stir fried pasta with shrimps and some leftover green beans and grape tomatoes.  The star of this pasta is the nori seaweed flakes that I sprinkled generously on the pasta .  One word YUMMY !

I love the seaweed aroma in this pasta...giving it a for a more mineralizing effect. But of course not everyone loves the green scent of this nori seasweed flakes....but I am one of those who loves them in my muffins and cakes beside dishes  :p  Green Nori Flakes /Aonori is a variety of aromatic seaweed used as a garnish or for seasoning in many Japanese dishes, usually sprinkled in dried flake form over hot food as yakisoba ( fried noodles), o-konomiyaki ( savoury pancake ) or added to tempura batter. Protein rich  , it also contains beneficial minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and amino acids.  So now you know why I love adding nori seaweed flakes in all my food :)

Shrimps Pasta With Japanese Nori Seaweed Flakes
(For 2 persons )

spaghetti  measured for two person - boiled  till al dente

10 shrimps -  deveined leave shell intact
a few grape tomatoes - halved
some french / green beans - cut into 3/4 inch length
some chopped garlic
2- 3 tbsp of olive oil
sea salt
a pinch of ground black pepper

Nori Seaweed Flakes - for garnishing

Method :
Boil a pot of water enough for cooking the spaghetti. When it boils ,add in sea salt and the spaghetti . Take it out when it is al dente. Off the heat and leave the cooked spaghetti  in the pot .  Meanwhile,  saute the chopped garlic with olive oil in a deep non-stick pan till fragrant, add in the shrimps and stir fry till aroma and cooked, add in the rest of the veggies and continue to stir fry till all the ingredients are cooked.  Add in sea salt and pepper.  Take out the spaghetti from the pot straight into the cooked ingredients and mixed them well. Dish out and sprinkle the nori seaweed on the pasta.  Serve them hot.

Have a  nice day !

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  1. wish to have this for my lunch now, look so delicious!

  2. eye big big eyeing the big big prawns

  3. yum, a very tasty dish! i got no problem adding seaweed into dishes.

  4. Oh? Can do that with seaweed? I'vesome left from the time my girl made sushi... Maybe I can try this. Looks yummy.

  5. Awesome dish! I think using the seaweed as a seasoning is quite clever! And those shrimps...WOWSA!

  6. I love the way you create the food, and how to put veggie in between to make the dishes delicious and healthy...

  7. Gosh, you've just tempted me to make some pasta tomorrow. Yours look so delicious.
    Happy Belated Friendship day!

  8. I absolutely like nori seaweed in pasta too! Nori Seaweed adds umami to many dishes :)

  9. This sounds great. It combines two of my favorite ingredients (shrimp and green beans) in a way I hadn't thought about.

  10. Such a beautiful dish. I can't indulge due to allergies, but I sure wish I could!

  11. This is a lovely dish and I love the addition of Nori Seaweed Flakes to it. Is like East meet West combo.

  12. Sonia....yea..you must try using varies ingredients and style of cooking pasta . I simply love eating them :)

    Kathy...hahaha cook them yourself..not that big...medium sized shrimps :)

    Lena...oh yes..if you like the smell of seaweed..this will be darn delicious :p

    Arthur...nori seaweed flakes are normally used to be sprinkled on food and pasta is one delicious one:)

    Parsley Sage...yea...haha I love food so the brain is packed with ideas when it comes to food but other things it is nil :p

    Kelley...yea..it is healthy to add in some veggie to a one dish meal :)

    Kristy...thanks and yea you must make this pasta for your kids..they will love it :)

  13. Tigerfish...yea..they are perfect as garnishing for food :)

    German Mama...pasta taste good with green beans and shrimps :)

    Ann...I remember you mentioned before that you have some allergies..so just drool for the time being :)

    Gertrude...yea east meet west ...a great fusion dish :)

  14. so that’s how it’s made! That is delicious!!


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