Thursday, August 11, 2011

Homemade Kimchi III - Now A Kimchi Pro :P

At the request of Piggy Jo,  I made another batch of kimchi for her....this time a bigger load....I meant one  Pyrex mixing bowl - the biggest size  :)   and I felt like a pro  kimchi  maker....I think when I retire in a few years time, I want to make Kimchi and sell... '.Elinluv's Kimchi ' does that sound.....good prospect ???  LOL!  She loves kimchi like has many uses...not just as appetizer but so many dishes that we can cook up with.  Homemade ones taste better and this recipe is near authentic.  I love making them ! Is this a statement ?  :p  

I remembered the first time making them so quite a bit of work but as I continued practising making them, the work become easier....and the taste is much better each time I make the saying goes..practice makes perfect !   I made a bit more so that I can give some to my church friends and one tub specially for my first reader who become my good blogger friend....yea, none other than Lena of  Frozen Wings  for she once told me that she loves kimchi but finds it challenging to make :)  but after tasting mine I am sure she will want to try making some herself.  Thus, these photos are a simple guide for Lena and Piggy Jo, if they want to try making their first kimchi :p

Cling wrap it and leave it in the oven for a day
 for fermentation to start and after which 
I store them in the fridge for a week before consumption. 
It taste better after a week and it can keep for 2-3 months.   

I cut them neatly for my gal and store them in
air tight container so that it is easier for her
to take them out for cooking.....
Mom is the best person to have the kitchen
I mean  !   LOL!


  1. Wah, pro oredi good!
    That's a good retirement plan.
    Too bad I don't eat kimchi, if not I can one of ur customers, kekeke.

  2. Your kimchi look real good!! Must try and make some one fine day.

  3. wow You are truly a pro now! Like Wendy, I don't eat much kimchi, but it's due to my weak stomach, but I would be very delighted to try yours...if I was invited ;-))

  4. No, thank you...but your poor daughter's drooling... LOL!!!

  5. Yea you are is real pro in making Kimchi now. I wanted to try this out and when I saw the recipe it requires cincalok. I don't have it. Can I replace it with something else or just omit it?

  6. Wendy...hahah, I am sure if you like kimchi you would be making them yourself :p

    Belly Good Cooking...thanks, it is delish ! :)

    Angie....thanks...self praise is no praise. Yea, not many can stomach kimchi...and I am honored that you would want to try mine :)) Of course you are welcome :)

    Arthur...yea..she loves kimchi...a whole tub of it all to herself...wonders what she will cook with it :p

    Gertrude...yes, you can omit the is one kimchi recipe just as can check it out here

  7. thanks again, elin. That's real spicy hot and nice!. Yes, would love to make that some day cos my best friends loves it too. When i make that, anything not sure i will call and kacau you.

  8. Cooked this the other day ... absolutely divine !! :)

  9. KEcker said:
    I couldn’t post to your blog :( I love Kimchi too! Yours looks great! I too made a batch just the other day. You are right, homemade is so much better and it gets easier and easier to make, the more you make it :o)

  10. Lena....hope you really enjoyed the kimchi :)) what are you going to cook with the big tub of will be eating korean for the next few weeks :p

    KEcher..…TQ... I don’t know why some of readers cant get to post their comment here. :(
    Yea.. it gets easier and easier each time I make them…mmmm love kimchi very much. I brought your comment over from foodbuzz :) I thank you for taking the trouble to post in foodbuzz :)

  11. Kimchi can actually keep for years. There are restaurants in Seoul that specialize in serving kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew) made from 2-4 year old kimchi.

  12. I am impressed that you tackled your own kimchi! Veyr nice.


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