Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mother's Day Gift

Finally, I have found the time to sit down and browse thru’ this wonderful book and a precious gift given to me by my Piggies on Mother’s Day. A book full of many variation of pizzas and flatbreads….and full of beautiful pictures of mouthwatering food :)) and I have been drooling on them and earmarked the ones I am going to try out when they come back home for their breaks.

I heart this book, it teaches how to make pizza dough to calzone dough, tortillas to chapatti and bannock to sope, sweet flatbread to bliny. Wow…browsing thru’ the book makes me hungry :P The author of this book is Rebecca Baugniet and she is a freelance food writer living in Montreal with her husband and their three children. I have another book by her “ 500 Pies and Tarts ”.

And I also heart the verses the Piggies penned on the sweet they are , they wanted to give me something that I like and something that will bring me JOY knowing this Momsie is crazy over recipe books....this book will keep me company till they come back home....oh how wonderful and thoughtful of them! It is a joy for me to receive this book for baking is a passion that will live on in me.

:) :) :)


I have ear marked this recipe ....bliny, a Russian pancake
served with crème fraiche and smoked salmon or caviar

" Thank you so muchie ,Piggies, for this wonderful gift "
I am looking forward to baking more
yummilicious goodies for all of you :))



  1. Piggies is/are so sweet! It's just too bad I'm away from my Mother on Mother's Day and couldn't celebrate with her.

    p/s: Elin, I have a question for you regarding the Crispy BBQ Pork Bun / Siu Pau. Will you kindly follow up in the comment box.

    Thanks a million!

  2. Hi Quinn,

    Thanks for bringing to my attention. My text for the ingredients was not clear...I apologised for it :)

    I have amended the post. Pls go read it and if you have any doubt pls feel free to ask :))


  3. aww what a sweet gift for mother's day!

  4. the bliny looks really good, please share the recipe after you make it, wanna try it too :D

  5. I'm going to celebrate belated Mother's Day with my dearest mom tonight. :) Kind of late, hehe...

  6. Got it!
    Thanks a lot Elin!
    Can't wait to make it!

  7. @ Pearl : :) yup, I am thrilled to bits with the book. They are so sweet :)

    @ Cindy Khor : Hi Cindy, sure I will post up the recipe when I have try it out :)

    @ Little Inbox : haha...better late than never. I am sure your Mom will appreciate it :)

    @ Quinn : Hi Quinn..enjoy making the siew pau...I am sure you will love it!

  8. Awww sweet! :))) I must say it's well deserved, the piggies are very spoilt ;))

  9. Hi Christelle,

    Yup, the Piggies are pamper everyday with nice goodies, if not they will be oink-ing away the whole day LOL!

  10. you got one of the series too, i got the cupcake one! lol!

  11. Hi Big Boys Oven,

    I have the 500 cupcakes too! Haha quite a collection...Pie & Tarts, Pizza and lots more :))


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