Thursday, May 21, 2009

Japanese Pickled Ginger - (1)

I have been wanting to try making my own pickled ginger for quite some time but kept postponing it. I thought it was hard work but surprisingly after having done it…it was not that laborous as I thought :)) 2 jars of nicely pickled ginger for sushi or as a condiment for boiled eggs / century eggs and salad !!! And finally now I can tell my Piggies…Momsie did it!!! Yayyyay…. and they will get to eat with the black century eggs when they are back and I can’t wait to eat it myself :P

This beautifully homemade pickled ginger is a thumbs up alright. The sweetness and the rice vinegar taste was just perfect , so if you want to try making your own pickled ginger, do follow this recipe to the dot. Foolproof and deliciously good. Though the color is not dark pink like those served in the Japanese restaurant , it has a tinge of pinkness and the trick is the ginger must be the very young ones. I will try again making it after the 2 jars finishes , this time I will try getting the young ones :))). some recipes say to put a drop of red coloring but I avoided it. I prefer the natural color.... I am a naturalist like stuff in their natural form...ooops :)))

Clean and skin the ginger, then slice it as thin as possible,
mine are a bit thick though :P
Rub 2 tsp of salt on the slices of ginger and
leave it rest for 1 hour....wipe dry with paper towels

Boiled the rice vinegar and sugar till the sugar dissolved,
put in the ginger slices while it is still boiling.
Turn off the fire and let the vinegar sugar mixture infused
into the can see the ginger turned slightly pink
at this stage...and when it has cooled down,
put into sterilized jars and keep in the fridge.

this can be served as an appetizer
or as a condiment for sushi and salad
Mmmmmm....mouthwatering pickled ginger!

You can sprinkle some toasted white sesame on it for
better flavor

Japanese Pickled Ginger


2 lbs of fresh young ginger (shin shoga)
3 cups of japanese rice vinegar
2 cups sugar
2 tsps of salt


1. Wash the young ginger and rub off skin.

2. Slice the ginger thinly and salt them. Leave salted ginger slices in a bowl for one hour.

3. Dry the ginger slices with paper towels .

4. Mix rice vinegar and sugar in a pan and bring to a boil.

5. Add the ginger slices to the mixture of vinegar and sugar . Off the fire and let the vinegar and sugar infused into the ginger slices.

6. Cool them. Pickled ginger changes its color to light pink. Put them in sterilized jars/bottles. Cover the jars/containers and store in the fridge.

(*If you are using old ginger, it might not turn pink naturally.) *Makes about 2 jars **



  1. Wow! You made your own pickled ginger? It looks great and actually seems really easy. I may have to try this myself . . .

  2. yum yum yum! bring your pickled ginger and i'll make some sushi and we'll have a girls' sushi night :)

  3. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia Spain
    thank you

  4. @ Tangled Noodle: Haha, you should if you like pickled ginger. Not many ppl likes it though :)

    @ Pearl : Oooo...let's have our girlie night then...sushi with my pickled ginger...yum yummy LOL Pearl, you make me want to feel young again :))))

    @ Tè la má Maria - Reus : Thank you :)

  5. Ohhhh yesss!!! I will definitely try it I often find that the one I dfind in the shops is a bit to sweet so I'll be able to adjust! :) Ahh genius, thank you so much for sharing :)))

  6. Hi Christelle,

    Me too, I don't buy those from the shop, way too sweet. Homemade are thousand times better :)

  7. Hi, i really love your pickled ginger. What is the brand of the Japanese rice vinegar that you use? Is this vinegar the same kind that is used when we make the sushi rice? Cos the supermkt has different kinds of rice vinegar n it is confusing. Thks alot for your advice :)


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