Friday, April 10, 2009

Sesame Bun With Caramelized Sweet Potato Filling

If you have read my previous post dated 23 March, 2009 , you will know that I found this valuable website that provides lots of Japanese bread recipes. I knew I have to try them all out if possible but not knowing the Japanese language is indeed a handicap :( but becoz of this bun making passion that is so great in me , I was daring enough to want to try them out, just by using the online translating software :) and today I would like to share this wonderful recipe with my foodbuzz friends and faithful readers of my humble blog . The original name for this bun is Osatu de France but I named it Sesame Bun with Caramelized Sweet Potato Filling :)))

This Sesame Bun with Caramelized Sweet Potato filling was worth the effort and time making it. It turned out soft and fluffy , Daddy and Piggy Gal juz can’t wait to devour them :P Out of the oven and into their stomachs…haha what can I say, except one line… bun making has become a passion that pays ! My heart was filled with joy just looking at them :) no amount of ' 'moolahs 'can buy me this happiness , really, if you love making buns like I do, you will understand what I mean :)) Practice makes perfect is so true and it has proven to my Piggies that they have to practice many many times before they can be good in whatever they chose to do. Today , I am happy to tell them that many practices have turned my buns to perfect-ness…ahem excuse the proud vocab here :P

Back to the buns…I have posted up my perfect buns here for my Piggy boy to drool * wicked Momsie at it again ** ^ *

Divide the dough into 8 pieces ,each weighing

70 gms and leave them to proof for 50 mins

Wrapped the caramelized sweet potato with the dough

leave them to proof again till they double in size

Baked them in preheated oven at 240 º C for 15 mins
or till they are brown and cooked

does this make me happy? Of course, it fills my heart
with joy when it turned out soft and fluffy :)

who would have thought that sweet potato can
be a good match for the sesame bun...the Japanese can
come out with such a good combination

Ooshii !!!

Sesame Bun With Caramelized Sweet Potato Filling


300 gm high protein flour
3 gm yeast
2 gm malt powder
6 gm sugar
6 gm salt
6 gm shortening
210 gm water
30 gm roasted sesame seed

Caramel potatoes

500 gm sweet potato ( diced)
150 gm sugar
200gm water
1.5 tsp lemon juice

Method for making the bun dough is the same as the other buns I have posted up on my blog. I am not able to translate the original recipe from the website due to translation problem . Anyway it turned out good, so I guessed the method of kneading is correct :))

Method for making the caramel potato is the same as making the caramelized mango for my mango ice cream. You can refer to my mango ice cream post for the method.

Enjoy and have a bun-bliss day! :)


  1. oh E - that looks so incredible! are you a professional baker?

  2. Elin, the buns look great. I vist the website and used the translator but I still have a lot of problem understand the ingredients and also the measurement. I guess I just wait for you to make the bread and get the ingredients from you :) :)

  3. By the way, what is malt powder?

  4. Hi Gert,
    You must try it. It is fantastic. I will send to you the translated version when I come back from church Easter service.

    Malt powder is explained here :) Go to this link

    I used horlicks since I could not find any malt powder from the bakery store. You can also omit it if you can't get any malt powder. It will still come out soft and fluffy.

    You can use any fillings for this bun. I have always wanted to bake Japanese buns as I find their buns very light and not overly sweet and they don't use softener and bread improver which are not good for health if consumed thru the years. So Japanese recipe is still the best so far when it comes to bread and buns :)

    Take care,

  5. @ Pearl : * blushing ** No I am not a pro baker just a Momsie who has great passion in baking and cooking for my kids. Thanks for your kind comments and encouragement by your frequent visit to my humble blog.

    Btw, you write well. I love to read your post. Well done and well written :)

    @ alis : :) yummy it is ! Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Love these buns! You've got the talent and experience to interpret a recipe from a totally different language - thanks for doing the hard work for us! 8-)

  7. Hi Tangled Noodle :)

    Thanks for your always kind comments. I will be trying out more of this japanese bun recipe so do drop by frequent :))


  8. oh e - you're always so sweet :) thanks for the compliment.
    and oh! there IS no added butter! that's what's great about it! all you do is toast some pecans, throw it in the blender/food processor, and let it do its thing. the longer that it grinds/processes, the runnier and more "peanut buttery" like it will be. just keep blending it until it reaches your desired consistency!

    let me know if i can be of anymore assistance :) if you try it out, please let me know!

  9. Pearl, easy. must try it this weekend then. Thanks, will let you know as soon as I get it done. :)

  10. Hi E! The pecans should be shelled. Here is a photo of what the pecans should look like:

    I didn't notice any particular skin after I toasted them, so it was quite easy for me to toast the pecans, wait for them to cool down a bit, and then throw them into the blender.

    ahh! i can't wait to see your results! it gives it SUCH a nice, nutty, rich, complex pecan flavor!

  11. Very good for you, willing to try it out...looks nice. I have yet to come across such a bun in the stores.

  12. sweet potato stuffed bread?? that sounds fantastic!!

  13. @ pearl :
    Over here they are sold without the shell :P but I see there is a layer of skin ( worry that it might give the pecan butter a tinge of bitterness if blend together), I will definitely blend some this weekend. Will post it up as soon as I get it done :) Thanks so much, will get back to it if I need help :P

    @ ck lam : I love challenges and I was glad that I gave it a try. It was good...the bun has a light crusty top and the soft texture has the aroma of sesame seed and when the teeth sinks further you get the taste of sweetness from the caramel potato...goodness all the way :))) no , they don't sell in bakeries...this is japanese bun...jap loves potato I guess :P

    @ LK-Healthy Delicious : Welcome to my blog and yup, the combo is great , surprisingly !

  14. Hi E - oh, i understand! I think if you'd like, you may toast the nuts and then put them between two towels and gently rub the skin off. i didn't detect a bitter taste, but i had drizzled honey over the pecan butter whenever i used it.

  15. you know E - i think you should probably remove the skin; i think i DO recall a slight bitter tinge when i first tried the nut butter, but then not afterwards.

    hmm.. the nut butter consistency will be sticky like peanut butter. it may not spread very well on the roasted chicken. you might want to dilute the peanut butter by adding some sesame oil or soy sauce so that it spreads more easily.. kind of like in cold sesame peanut noodles! :)

  16. Pearl, I will try it and c how it comes out first. You eat it with salad or bread ? :) Sorry, this is the first time I have heard of this pecan nut butter so not very sure how to eat it yet excited over it :))

  17. I love sweet potatoes and I know I'd love them in these buns!

  18. @ Dragon : Hi Helen, those sweet potatoes do go well with the bun

    @ C.G the Foodie : :) they do taste good too.

  19. I've referred to uour caramelized mangoes but not much idea on how to do the sweet potatoes filling. Is the sweet potatoes filling cooked before hand? When do I add the water and lemon juice? Thanks a lot!

  20. Hi Quinn,

    The sweet potatoes has to be diced into cubes, then steamed for 5 mins in hot boiling water. Cooked the sugar and water till it becomes light brown and thick, then add in the potatoes and coat with the caramel.

    Hope you get it. :)



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