Monday, April 6, 2009

Gougères - Savoury Cheese Puffs

Making gougère [goozhair] is pretty much like making cream puffs as I just discovered :)) I can't make them puff up nicely though :P but I will not give up..I will definitely make this again for they tasted good...all cheesy and herby as Piggy gal termed it :)

Gougères can be made as small, finger-sized pastries, or filled with ingredients such as mushrooms, beef, or ham. In the latter case, the gougère is usually made using a ring or pie tin. Traditionally, gougères are made with Gruyère, but other cheeses are sometimes used. Gougère is a specialty of the Burgundy region.

Anything savoury would be nice and one can really eat a lot…like someone , I don’t need to introduce :P She likes to nibble away while watching the idiot box or studying..heehee so this Momsie will have to think of what to bake as nibbles for her and I happened to see this recipe from Dorie’s blog and really , the temptation was too great , I had to try it out….anything cheesy will be welcomed by the Piggy clan.

Strange, I am most happy when I am baking :))) the aroma of baked puffs coming from the oven was so good that Piggy gal can’t wait to savor those cheesey puffs! The cheddar cheese gave the puffs the oomph and I added some chopped chives into the dough though the recipe doesn't call for it :P ….wow… was fantastic, the combination was good . Once you start eating it, you won’t know when to stop :P

This is good for parties…..easy and fun to make finger food. Délicieux !!!

The dough was slightly watery :(
I may have measured the milk more I guessed ;)

Never judge the appearance..this gougère
tasted good :)

you can fill it with ingredients such as
mushrooms , beef, or ham :)

By the way, if anyone has any questions to ask regarding
recipes which I had posted some time back,
pls do email me coz I found out recently that some readers have
posted enquiries on my old posts and I have overlooked them
and did not reply till today :) My sincere apology to all.


Have a nice day!


  1. mm! the cheese puffs are so neat!

  2. Unlike you, I love cooking, but lazy to bake.

  3. they look so good... is it possible to share how u made it?

  4. the best cheese to use is comte and Parmesan as they have a slightly sharp tang to it. A sprinkle of chilli powder (not curry) or paprika is also good.

    Oh and to get a good puff with your goujere make sure to use full-fat milk, not low fat or semi-skimmed as the fat content is very important.

  5. I did something like this before but is the fried version. This is so much healthier. Carlos is crazy over cheese and I am sure he will love this.

  6. @ Pearl : Thanks :)))

    @ Little Inbox : Once you are into cooking you will love it. For the time being let the Mister pamper you...dine out :)))

    @ Anon: I have given the link on the post... Dorie's blog. Jus click on it :)

    @ Genuiness : Hi, thanks for the tips. I used low fat milk. No wonder it doesn't puff well. Thanks for sharing such good tip regarding the making. Will definitely try out your method :)

    @ Icook4Fun : Hi Gert, you should try it. It tasted better than those cream puff.I am sure Carlos will love it. :)

  7. I'm loving all of these cheese baked goodies your featuring! Puffy and yummy!

  8. These gougeres are perfect. Well done!

  9. @ Tangled Noodle: :)

    @ Dragon: Thanks :)

  10. You are making me hungry again! Er...can I have some please!

  11. Hi Food For Tots,

    Haha, sure pls help yourself :)
    Btw, I read your lastest post and I love the dumplings you made. Will KIV it for my next dim sum project.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe and I love your blog.


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