Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Satisfying Meal

Today , the Hindus here are celebrating Thaipusam. It is a public holiday for my city. Momsie is always looking forward to an off day.......hmmm firstly, can sleep in and secondly can cook a decent meal for the family. A very relaxing day for me. A break in mid-week is good so that the weekend comes faster. A day I would spend looking through my recipe books and pick up a dish to cook. Sometimes the dish will turn out nice... at times , it didn't , due to my own ....( I admit I am not a good cook) *sigh*

But today , we had a satisfying meal. Simple yet tasty. Hubby and piggy boy finished all the meat dishes. As for me I prefer vege base dishes, so needless to say I am the one to finish all the vege.

Here are the pics I took before serving them....heeheee am not good at handling camera especially the high tech type so please excuse the poor photography

Minced Meat Balls dip with Wasabi

Fried Chicken Breast Marinated with Curry Powder

Stir Fry Watercress


A shout out to Piggy Gal

* this is what we had for dinner . Nothing special that you would miss. Just something simple. Of course, compared to hostel food, this is much better....keekeek * (",)

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