Sunday, January 20, 2008


I have this incurable passion for food and am such a glutton too. * wink*. This corner is for me to post up pics of what I have cooked for the day , crappings ( the best antidote for stress ) and for my two cute piggies to view and salivate while viewing them. (”,)
My darling gal is away at college in the city so she really really misses home cooked food. She will
alwiz sms me and ask ” what you cooked for dina momsie? ” Haha, I will reply ” dun worry, when you come back I will cook the same dish for you ” and her famous line will be this ” Yummy yumz …piggy hungry lo…can’t wait to be home “.

One will never miss home cooked food till one leaves home. I promised I will improve my cooking skill and you will both have the
bestest chef at home (”,)

Since this is my very first post, I wanna dedicate this post to my bestest friend, Buddy. These pictures were taken a few months before he was called home suddenly leaving us no time to say goodbye.

No others can take your place becoz you were special. You were so arrogantly handsome and intelligent. Your fur so black , thick and shiny. What a beautiful dog you were. Each time you looked at me, I melted and fell so deeply in love with you. Whatever wrongs you have committed I will be forced to forgive you. You would wag your bushy tail and stick out your pinky tongue and gave me the sheepish look whenever you destroyed my plants. You would lay on your back with your four legs up and anxiously wait for a tummy rub whenever I come back from work. And when I ignored you and pretended not to see you, you would run to me and grabbed my leg and nibbled my feet.
I will treasure all the fun we had together. Love you and miss you lotz .

I will be posting up food pics in my next post. Tada.

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