Tuesday, November 7, 2023

El Jannah- Legendary Charcoal Chicken


When we are too lazy to cook, we had take out from restaurant. This time we ordered a take out from El Jannah , in Arabic it means 'Paradise' and it is a Australian family owned fast food restaurant that serves Lebanese Cuisine. We ordered the family set that comes with two charcoal grilled chicken, soft warm Lebanese bread, Tabouli Salad and Garlic sauce and potato chips and cans of zero Pepsi and Solo Lemon can drinks. It was really good! 

the charcoal chicken is cooked over wood flame that gives it it's signature crispy and charred skin.
Tabouli Salad is good too...made up of chopped parsley, diced cucumber and tomato with olive oil and lemon juice 
the garlic sauce is simply delicious
soft warm Lebanese bread

We will definitely come back for more!

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