Friday, August 4, 2023

Tomato Egg Taiwanese Style

This is a very simple dish yet delicious. It's a stir fried tomato and egg dish cooked Taiwanese style.  A friend whom I looked up at cooked it and it inspired me to cook it too. I googled for the recipe and found the recipe to my liking . No ketchup involved. Just one tomato chopped finely as a sauce for this dish. The rest of the tomato is cut into small wedges. Just 5 ingredients is used. Tomatoes , eggs, spring onions ,oil and soy sauce as seasoning. Easy to prepare for busy and working people. A keeper for me as a cancer survivor, ketchup and sugar is a no no. 

 it's tasty...can be eaten as a stand alone dish and goes well with rice

I like the fact it doesn't use ketchup but use finely chopped tomatoes and cook till it turn as a sauce for the dish

whisk eggs and fried till texture is firmer and smooth as scrambled egg

Click here for the recipe

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