Thursday, May 4, 2023

Handcrafted Fresh Fusilli Pasta

I am a great fan of pasta, so definitely I will look into making fresh ones. I was introduced to watch Pasta Grannies on YouTube and from there I learned how to handcraft pasta. Of course my first handcrafted pasta would be fusilli. Watching how the Senior Italian ladies handcrafted the fusilli makes me want to try my hand in making them. By using my  Wooden Gnocchi board I was able to make quite good authentic looking fresh fusilli. Again my Wooden Gnocchi board is not another  white elephant :).
Before of health issue, I need to look into making wholemeal spaghetti as I read that wholemeal is a much healthier version of flour. It has low glycemic value and doesn't spike sugar level in the blood. Once I get hold of a good recipe , I will definitely be sharing with all of you. Eat healthy for now. Health is wealth.

Tip: dry the handcrafted fusilli to retain a firm pattern on the fusilli after cooking
Tip : using 70% Semolina and 30% '00' flour
gives a perfect chewy and springy texture
Tip: dust them with Semolina flour so that they don't stick to each other

Tip :  dry them in room temp for an hour before cooking or if keeping for storage, totally dry them before storing in air tight container
I love that rustic look... handcrafted fusilli has that rustic looks indeed
the more I look  at it ,the more I love it, making them I mean...very addictive to make them
press, twirl roll and press the cut out dough on the gnocchi board
So fun!
the Semolina flour and '00 flour' are the must have in the house 
Tip: one egg for every 100gm of flour 
70% Semolina flour and 30% ' 00 ' flour


( for One to two persons)

70 gm Semolina flour

30gm ' 00'  flour

1tsp sea salt

1egg (55gm)


Mix the Semolina flour and '00' flour and salt together. Make a well in the center and add  the egg in. Slowly mix in the flour until the egg is well mixed into the dough and has become a breadcrumb texture. Gently knead till it form a dough. ( 5 to 7 mins) Cover it and let it rest 30 mins. Take the dough out and knead till smooth. The longer the dough is rested ,the more pliable the dough is. Divide dough into few portions.  Roll into long rope . Thickness of your choice. The thinner the better.  Pinch the dough into required length ( depends how long you want your fusilli to be ) Press the short strand onto the Gnocchi Board. Starting from the top, press, twirl roll and press. Continue till you reach the end of the short strand of dough. 

Repeat till all handcrafted fusilli is done. Dust them with Semolina flour to avoid sticking.

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