Saturday, December 24, 2022

Danish Butter Cookies

Time flies, it is Christmas again. I didn't bake any cake this year. Last year I baked a Burnt Cheesecake but this year ,I baked some look alike Danish Butter Cookies . I googled for one and just trusting it will not failed but somehow the cookies tasted good but the shape is definitely out. But we are not letting the shape spoil the joyous Christmas mood. This recipe is taken from youtuber Little Duck's Kitchen . I adjusted the icing sugar by 30percent as hubby doesn't like it too sweet. It turned out ,just the piping out was a bit hard. First time making it. I guess practice makes perfect applies here. It should look like a rosette . Tip given is after piping out the rosette, chill the cookies in fridge for 10mins before baking at preheated 180C for clearer pattern after baking. Thanks for the tip given by LDK. 


I enjoyed piping out the soft dough
using 1M nozzle

I baked at 190c for 20 mins rotating the tray every five mins. My oven temp is a bit crazy :)


250gm SCS salted butter

130gm icing sugar - (I reduce 40 percents)


1tsp vanilla extract

270 gm cake flour

70 gm corn flour

20gm milk powder

Method to follow you tuber LDK

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