Monday, July 4, 2022

Lazy Hotpot - Anniversary Celebration

For our 39 th Wedding Anniversary celebration, we had lazy hotpot from home for dinner. It is better have it at home then to eat at restaurant during this Covid pandemic time. Lazy hotpot? Cook everything and serve at the table ready to eat kind. We had chilled Mango flavoured Soju with the hotpot. Simple and  a satisfying meal with our favourites in the hot pot. First I placed the Chinese cabbage at the base of my favourite claypot. Then I place the meat balls, mussels, beef slices, beef tendon balls on top of the veggies. Then pour over them with precooked beef broth. Place over stove fire and give it a rolling boil. Once the meat stuffs are cooked. Off heat and served at the table ready to eat.  We had toasted laver, kimchi and crispy garlic oil for the hotpot. We had a great time over hotpot.
our favourite beef slices wrap in laver and kimchi
the Soju is a great drink to have when having hotpot
this is how I placed the meat balls and mussels on top of the veggies before adding the beef broth and radish, once it is done, put on stove at med heat till everything is cooked. 

Just sharing what we had for our
anniversary celebration.

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