Monday, August 21, 2017

Masak Lemak Chili Padi Ikan Senangin

I could not believe  that I seriously cooked this dish for dinner.  I would normally order this dish from my office canteen when I was still working then.  This is not a planned one.  It was a moment craving and by being adventurous enough to try cooking this dish, it has taken my homecooking to another level. I seldom cook malay dishes besides nasi lemak. And having said that, I was happy that I cooked this dish.  Googled internet for a good one and found most of them doesnt have shallots .  So I prepared my own list and added shallots to it. Because I believe that shallots will add flavor and sweetness to the gravy.

I bought a lot of Ikan Senangin ( Threadfin Fish ) when it was in season the past one month and have stored them in the freezer. Ikan Senangin is perfect for this dish.  Homegrown turmeric made it even more special and delicious .  I have no regrets cooking this dish. It was awesome in taste and so appetising, even my Wildboar loves it.  That speaks volume as WB is not into fish. He is more a meat person than a fish person.  He loves the gravy which is tasty and delicious.  Will be trying out other Malay and Indonesian dishes in the future :)  

Ikan Senangin ( threadfin fish )

tip: add in salt before the gravy boils
to prevent the coconut milk from separating into oil 
( pecah santan )

just a few ingredients and a flavorful and
delicious dish for dinner

love it and will definitely cook this dish again

glad that Wildboar loves the gravy so much that
he asked to cook again, and more gravy since he doesn't eat fish.
I can cook this using chicken, it will be awesome too for sure.

Masak Lemak Chili Padi Ikan Senangin


1 whole Ikan Senangin -  cut into few pieces, rub salt on pieces
1/2 tbsp of  pounded fresh turmeric 
1 stalk of lemongrass - take the white part and crush it
2 pieces of tamarind slices
1/2 cup santan mix with 2 cups water
1 or 2 tsp of sea salt
3 shallots -pound
10 chili padi - pound

Put ingredients (A) into wok and simmer under medium  low heat.  Once the gravy boils, put in the pieces of fish and continues to simmer till the fish are cooked through.  Off heat and  serve hot with rice.


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