Thursday, July 6, 2017

Steam Minced Pork With Preserved Vegetables

This dish brings back childhood memories. I don't know about you but my grandma and mom used to steam minced  pork with preserved vegetables known as ' tung choy' in cantonese  for our lunch and dinner. My siblings and I practically grew up having this dish most of the time for our lunch and dinner.  Easy to digest and it is comfort food.  And lately, I cook this very often  for hubby and myself as this dish is easy to whip up and very appetising and whenever we feel like eating something steamed and not fried. This dish goes well with rice and porridge. Real comfort food for us :) 

 I like to steam them in rice bowls instead of in a deep dish
as I feel it is easier to keep the leftover if we cannot finish
them in one meal.  I will just cling wrap the remaining unfinished
ones for the next meal. Neater this way and more presentable :)

 Hubby loves to have more gravy thus you can see
lump of minced pork floating in the gravy :)

Steam Minced Pork With Preserved Vegetables

300 g minced pork
 3 tbsp of preserved vegetables/tung choy - soaked in water for 10 mins, rinsed and chopped into smaller pieces

* optional  - 1 tsp of garlic -  minced and fried into garlic crisps ,
spring onions - sliced for garnishing

seasoning ingredients
1/2 tbsp of light soy sauce
1/4 tsp of white pepper 
1 tbsp cornflour  
1/2 cup of water   
1/4 cube of chicken stock (maggi seasoning) 
* optional 1 tsp of garlic 

Mix together minced pork with preserved vegetables and seasoning ingredients in a big bowl till well mixed. Leave for 15 minutes. Divide the minced pork mixture into 3 or 4 bowls or one 1" deep dish.  Spread out and level meat very gently with the back of a wet metal.  Drizzle the arlic oil over the top of meat.  Steam in a wok or steamer over rapidly boiling water for 15 mins or cooked through.  Garnish with garlic crisps or spring onion.   


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