Monday, March 13, 2017

Fried Rice With Egg And Crispy Fried Ginger Shreds

Wild Boar and I used to order this fried rice with lots of crispy fried ginger shreds from our favorite shop in Canning Garden.  But sad to say this shop has since closed for business, thus leaving me no choice but to try replicating it .  I am happy to say, though it may not look exactly the same in appearance as the one served in the shopi , it is good enough to satiate our cravings for the time being.  The fried rice from the shop has the ' wok hei ' taste no doubt ,whereas homecooked doesn't have the ' wok hei ' taste but there is no denying that the aroma of sesame oil and crispy fried ginger persists even in my homecooked ones :)

I remembered my grandma cooked this for me during my confinement days when I had my first child 28 years ago :p   And I am surprised that my Wild Boar loves it too.  So whenever we crave for it, we will just have this for dinner.  A tasty and flavorful one dish meal that we both love !

I am happy with my replication of the shop 's signature fried rice
though appearance looks different but the flavor is more or less the same :)

a one dish meal that is easy to whip up and 
gives contentment to us home diners :)

love the crispy fried ginger shreds and
the egg shreds give taste and character to the fried rice

Fried Rice With Eggs And Crispy Fried Ginger Shreds


2 bowls of cooked rice
2 eggs - beaten
2 tbsp of julienne ginger
1 tsp of rice bran oil
2 tsp of sesame oil
sea salt to taste

In a  wok , heat up 1 tsp of rice bran oil and 2 tsp of sesame oil .  Once the oil is heated, add in the julienned ginger and stir fry till the julienned ginger becomes crisp and golden in color.  Dish up some for toppings and leave the remnant in the wok.  Add in the cooked rice and stir fry till the rice is jumping in the wok.  Push rice to the side and add in the beaten egg. Leave to cook for a minute, push back the rice to cover the beaten egg.  Keep frying the rice till you see egg shreds in the rice are well mixed into the rice.  Add sea salt to taste.  Off heat and before serving, garnishes the top with the extra crispy fried ginger shreds.


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