Sunday, January 29, 2017

CNY First Day Dinner

My son-in-law's parents invited us over for dinner on the 1st night of CNY and we had a great fellowship over delicious homecooked food.  This year I really had a relaxing CNY . No cooking and my job is to eat :p  Jo's father-in-law cooked the most delicious soup ( forgotten to take a picture )...abalone and sea cucumber in chinese slurpy .For dessert , we had cheesecake which yours truly baked .  The night ended with a round of whiskey for all....How does whiskey and cheesecake sounds to you? LOL...

Pic of food from top clockwise
Steamed Free Range Chicken , Steamed Dumplings, Braised Whole Pork Trotter, Braised Yam Pork Belly (Kow Yok) , Steamed Chinese Sausages With Napa Cabbage and Soup of the day- Abalone And Sea Cucumber With Goji and Tong Kwai. (top right, partly hidden )

We had a wonderful fellowship over dinner catching up with one another
and after which cheesecake for dessert
good dinner and great dessert..what more can I asked ?

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