Thursday, July 7, 2016

Beer Battered Silver Baby Pomfrets

I am so addicted to Pharmaskitchen 's Beer Battered Anchovies that I used his batter recipe again :) This time not for pumpkin flower fritters and not for fresh anchovies but for silver baby pomfrets. Wow....the beer batter is really good for the baby pomfret.  So crunchy that it is best accompaniment for chilled beer.  Wild Boar and I had this for our afternoon light snack.  Having chilled beer and these crunchy beer battered baby pomfrets on a hot weather is truly a blessing :)  

I am now waiting to get hold of fresh anchovies , then I can experience Pharmaskitchen's recipe using fresh anchovies.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to get the fresh anchovies soon.  In the meantime, these baby pomfrets will do :)  Love love the beer batter and I should share what is good :)

delicious...remains crunchy until the last piece is finished

chilled beer is  great accompaniment for these 
beer battered silver baby pomfrets

these are so addictive....kruup kruup crunchy

Beer Battered Silver Baby Pomfrets -  adapted from Pharma'sKitchen


Fried Silver Pomfret

7  silver baby pomfrets
5 tablespoons of Rice Flour
2 tablespoons of Glutinous Rice Flour
1/2 teaspoon of Baking Powder
Smoked Paprika Powder

1 can of Beer
Sunflower Oil * I use Rice Bran Oil

First, rinse and pat dry the baby pomfrets with a kitchen towel. Place the baby pomfrets in a bowl and add some salt, pepper and smoked paprika to marinade them. Leave to marinade for 10-15 minutes.

To the bowl containing the baby pomfrets, further add the rice flour, glutinous rice flour, baking powder, more salt and pepper. Lastly, a generous amount of smoked paprika powder and mix well. The flour mixture should be slightly red due to the paprika powder.

In a deep pan or a small frying pot, heat up some rice bran oil. While the oil is heating up, open your can of beer and pour about a quarter can of beer into the mixture. Mix well and add the beer in small amounts until the mixture is well incorporated into a thick but smooth batter. (You can always opt for water is you are do not have beer at home).

Check on the oil, and if the oil is ready, place the anchovies into the frying pot and fry until they are golden brown. Once golden brown, remove from the pot and place the baby pomfrets onto a plate lined with kitchen towel to remove the excess oil.

You can dip in thai chilli sauce or spicy mayo dip. 
For the spicy mayo dip - hop over to Pharma's Kitchen for the recipe.



  1. I must try this rice batter. They look so crunchy and tasty, Elin.

    1. Angie...this rice batter is the best so far.You must give it a try...crunchy and tasty :)

  2. What a great snack! Salivating now! So d bones can b eaten too?

    1. Irene, the tail , fins and head are crunchy. I have to remove the bone . If you use fresh anchovies, then you can even eat the bones :)


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