Monday, January 25, 2016

Claypot Braised Fish Head With China Yam And Leeks

Thanks to Wendy of Table For 2 or More for posting up on facebook about the yam from China. That very day, I went and bought 2 for a song...lucky for me because after that it was totally sold out after her posting. You see how influential she word and all was sold out fast after her post :p I went back to buy more for making fritters the next few days.  No luck, they ain't selling anymore in Tesco.

With the two that I bought, I braised half of the yam with fish head and china leeks...gosh it was good. The yam was fluffy and because of that, it absorbed in the flavors from the braising of the fish head and leeks :) Choose fish head from Grouper/'Sek Parn' or Threadfin / 'Soong Hong' or 'Giant Mak Yau 'or Snapper /Ikan Merah.. meat is firmer. For this kind of cooking you need firmer meat :)

I braised the yam in my favorite claypot :)

ingredients :  'soong hong' fish head from Jusco, china leeks
and the china yam, and beancurd(foo chook )

love this delicious and flavorful braised yam dish 
and I can have the whole fish head to myself :p
WB doesnt eat fish, he is a meat man but I am training him 
to eat more fish then meat.....but condition is I must debone it 
for a child he behaves at times :)

the china leeks added flavor to the dish...
and china leeks has a stronger flavor than local ones

Claypot Braised Fish Head With China Yam And Leeks


1 fish head -med. sized ( fish of your choice ) you can deep fried the fish head
* for healthier version, I opted out the deep frying, I lightly seared the fish head with
a few tbsp of vegetable oil. Season fish head with salt and ground white pepper and
two tsp of corn flour

1/2 china yam - peeled, cut into 1/2 inch thick slices
a few sticks of dried beancurd (foo chook)
2 stalks of china leeks - cut into 1" inch length

3 slices ginger
2 cloves garlic, minced

seasoning (1)
2 tbsp light soya sauce
1 tsp dark soya sauce
2 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
2 cups of water

pinches of salt to taste

1 tbsp cornflour mix with 3 tbsp of water


Lightly seared the fish head that has been seasoned with salt, white pepper and corn flour in the claypot with 3 tbsp of vegetable oil under med. low  heat till lightly brown.  Take out the fish head and keep aside.   With the excess oil, fry the cut yam till lightly brown ( so that it doesnt get mashed up during the braising ) , take out the yam and keep aside.   

Add in garlic and ginger slices and sautee till fragrant, add in the seared fish head and yam and seasoning (1) and slowly braise the fish head and yam under low heat.  Once the gravy boils and the fish is cooked thru and yam is soften, add in the beancurd and leeks.  Cook for another 15 mins and add salt to taste and thickening .  Serve hot with rice.

Enjoy and have a great day !


  1. Wow! Elin, your braised fish head certainly looks mouth-watering good! Yummilicious!

    1. hehehe...thanks did taste delicious :)

  2. My favourite yummy yam!! Nice dish!!

    1. hehehe Claire, I guess we all love yam :) Nan too !

  3. Gosh, I miss those taros! This is a mouthwatering claypot dish, Elin.


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