Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lunch @ Eight Fish Steamboat, Semenyih

Each time we come to Semenyih,  Piggy Jo and SL will take us to their newly discovered food haven. Recently , when we were up in Semenyih for her convocation, we were taken to this wonderful restaurant called Eight Fish Steamboat or in Mandarin known as Pak Mei Yu as literally translated as eight fish flavors.  I have only tasted one flavor ...there are seven more to go and I am going back to taste out the rest of the flavors available :)

The dishes are prepared Hunan style and are cooked by their Chef from China.   Piggy Jo recommended this dish - Stir Fry Pork Intestine With Chinese Leeks and it was truly their signature dish.  And the next signature dish I would like to introduce is their fish fillets cooked in this savoury and tasty broth. A must order dish...you won't believe it, every drop of the soup was slurpped up eagerly by us.  Piggy Jo ordered another signature dish - Pumpkin slices with salted egg yolk...this is another must order dish.   Crispy on the outside, coated with the fragrant mashed salted egg yolk and tender soft on the inside....the dishes are truly commendable.  And the last dish ordered was the Pork Belly with sprng onions and ginger.  Wow....typing this post and looking at the pictures makes me wanna go back to Semenyih again.  Somehow , Semenyih has a number of restaurants that serves good food.  I am glad Piggy Jo ,my partner in-crime, loves to eat too.  Thank you Jo and SL for the wonderful lunch :)   We love there food served here and will be coming back for more.

this dish is flavors packed, spicy, sour and so very delicious that
you will want to slurp up every drop of the broth :)

ah...this dish is to die for too...the deep fried pumpkin slices are not oily
yet it is crunchy and crispy on the outside and soft on the  inside.

Pork belly with spring onion , ginger and red onions.. another yummy dish !

secretly took one for the album....point and shoot :p

wanna try this place....here is the business card.

Enjoy !


  1. That soup looks yummy. Will kiv for my next trip!

  2. Replies
    1. Hopefully on my next trip..your hubby is around. We can meet up for lunch there :)


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