Wednesday, September 24, 2014

TCS Ex-Classmates (1976) Meet Up @ Palong Coffee House @ Kinta Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh

Meeting up with Tarcisian Convent ex-classmates of 1976  at Palong Coffee House @ Kinta Riverfront Hotel was FUN  . Not only we piled up our tummy with good food , we teared over jokes and gosh it was a real fun day ! Can you imagine filling the tummy with endless servings of food at the buffet table and later shaking our tummy so much with their ' ham sapp ' jokes.  Some of us really never change...still the same ole us...heehee . 

This meet up was for one of our dear classmate who was back from New York after having resided and worked in NY for 2 over decades :)  Many from KL came back just on a day trip to have this meet up. Thank you to all who turned up for this reunion lunch.  Those who could not attend last Saturday , we miss you guys too.  Looking forward to many more reunions and thanks to Rosalind for organising such a successful one in Ipoh.  

my New Yoker classmate...haha we both love our salt and pepper hair color...
as the saying goes.....grow old gracefully 

many serving of these delectable food
clockwise...Beef Goulash,  Curry Mutton , Samosa, Buttered Fish, Vegetarian Lasagna
Mini Pizza....nom nom

a few types of Malaysian salad - kerabu style
hot sour soup,  and the delicious Beef Goulash

the buttered fish was good, and the curry mutton was the most after 
for the day and the vegetarian lasagna

Mini Pizza and Samosa

Desserts was strawberry ice cream and chocolate ice cream,
cakes and apple crumbles tart and shaved ice with lots of nuts and 
red beans...with red sugar syrup....slurrp

*                *              *


  1. 1976? Gosh!!! You're all so young! I entered college that year, started teaching in 1978. I'm so so so ancient, a dinosaur! :(

    1. young aso ma :) young at heart is the most important thing now :p


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