Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fried Rice With Chinese Dried Sausages

A simple fried rice was what we had for yesterday dinner.  I know that I will be tired to cook anything fancy after the gardening work.  I asked WB to cook extra rice for dinner when he cooked rice for our lunch . For fried rice, it is better to have overnight rice, but a few hours old rice will do.  Chinese fried rice is simple and has many variations . For this simple fried rice...all I  have to do is slice some spring onions and chinese dried sausages/lap cheong . Heat up the wok with vegetable oil,  throw in chopped garlic, sliced sausages ,sliced red chillies and when the garlic and sausages gives out their fragrance,  throw in the cooked rice and add in two eggs and add a teaspoon of sea salt . Continue frying till all are well combine. I added some thick soy sauce for color .... tada, dinner is ready.. as simple as ABC , yet appetizing enough to warrant a second helping .  I used up the last batch of homegrown spring onions for this fried rice.  Truly yummy!

I have planted any batch of spring onions yesterday ( public holiday for us here ) ! Can't wait for the onions to start blooming.....I need for my healthy ! :)

this fried rice may be simple in looks but it is flavorful enough to warrant a second helping

Enjoy  !

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  1. Chinese sausage is my favourite but too bad my family don't like it so I hardly buy. Reminds me of home, we used to have home cooked fried rice with just lap cheong and eggs.


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