Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Linguine Pasta With Rosemary Infused Olive Oil

Have you tried making your own infused can be garlic infused or herbs infused.  For me, I prefer fresh herbs...especially rosemary and thyme.   I used  heat the oil method .You can check it out here if you are keen to make your own fancy flavors infused oil :) . With this infused oil, you can drizzle on your pasta, as a salad dressing or as an appetizer with chunks of artisan bread.  I not only used them for pasta but mixed it with balsamic vinegar...gosh...drooling just thinking of balsamic vinegar with rosemary infused oil as a dip for my artisan bread :)  When Iam fully recovered, I will be baking bread again and you can guess , I will surely make balsamic vinegar dip with the rosemary infused olive oil . 

For today, I drizzle the rosemary infused oil on my linguine and gosh ,it does make a difference to usually bland linguine.  I added cherry tomato and pan grilled salmon and some  chinese mushrooms to it.  The perfect pasta for a light lunch :) 

To make the infused here

Linguine Pasta With Rosemary Infused Olive Oil

Linguine for two person  - cooked in salt water till al dente - drain and leave aside

2 tbsp of warm rosemary infused olive oil
pan grilled salmon - flaked it
10 cherry tomato - cut into halves
3 chinese mushroom- soaked and cut into slices - saute with chopped garlic till fragrant and cooked


Mix all the ingredients together and serve hot.

Enjoy !

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  1. what a great and healthy dish I must try making infused oils

  2. Love homemade infused olive oil. The pasta looks so delicious, Elin.


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