Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Almond Crusted Meat Patties

WB loves meat patties especially nuts crusted ones :)  So I taught him how to make some for himself.  My elbow tendon is still hurting when I bend the fingers :(   But whatever it is a blessing in disguise.  WB can cook better now especially finger food like the meat patties he made for himself.  I gave him some of my almond slices which I kept for baking and he is a clever boar ...first time making this and he passed the test ! LOL!    Read on for my recipe :p

You can season the minced meat ( pork or chicken ) with any herbs or keep it plain by just adding a pinch of salt and chopped garlic.  Add in an egg and a teaspoon of corn flour and stir the meat till sticky.  Shaped into flat patties and coat with almond slices.  Easy to make and it taste delicious.  Crunchy crust and the garlic flavored meat makes the patty delicious....mmmmm yummy good ! 

come to think of it..WB enjoyed making these...
so I can now hand over the apron to him :p

pan fried the crusted patties with
canola oil...just enough oil to pan fry the patties

I am proud of WB...he kept to his sickness or in health...LOL!
he is a good helper in the kitchen or he has to eat out until
my arm is well * wink

Almond Crusted Meat Patties


300 gm of minced meat ( pork or chicken)
a pinch of salt
some chopped garlic ( chopped fine )
2 tsp of corn flour
a shake of white pepper
1 egg

a few tablespoon of canola for pan frying

almond slices for coating


Combine all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl and stir till the meat becomes sticky
shape them into flat patties and coat with the almond slices on both sides
Heat a few tablespoon of canola oil in a non stick pan and put in the crusted patties and pan fry until
both sides are golden brown.  About 5 minutes on each sides.

Enjoy and have a great day !


  1. take care. this meat patties looks so yummy.

  2. What a great idea to coat the patties with almonds! They must be very delicious, Elin.

    1. ;) Angie, yea, they are crunchy on the outside and moist tender on the inside. Lovely to bite on them ;)

  3. I need to try this. It looks and sounds really tasty.


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