Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bloggers Meet Up @ Sun Lee How Fook, Ipoh

I know I am the last to post this up.....:p I had one hard week ..rushing a project off and finally I have it done. So I can now post up some photos taken during our bloggers meet up dinner @ Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant . I am sure many of you will know who is who without me introducing :)  They are all famous bloggers except Elin   :p  We had a wonderful  time of fellowship and walloping the  'poon choy ' a dish that I find intriguing.  For me digging into the claypot to see what is inside is kinda fun :p    The food was okay but food is not that is the fellowship and my first time meeting Quay Po , her friend Peng and her reader Cindy.    Thank you girls , for your gifts and Lena , thank you for your Blood Orange Galette ! Love it !   Ooops.. I guess we have all forgotten to take a snap of her galette..;p  I guess we were like python after that heavy dinner LOL! 

 drums rolling....the beauties are.......
seated from left: Elin, Cheah, Wendy
Standing from left : Reana, Veronica and Lena

The main star dish....'Poon Choy'  a claypot dish for 6 is quite a big portion.  The dish consists of shrimps, fresh scallop, chinese black mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, sea cucumbers, steamed chicken, and many other stuff which I can't recollect all...eating and chatting away the whole night so I hardly remembers what I tucked in. Lena ordered two side dishes.  I can't remember the name of the dish but it is deep fried fish paste on chicken skin...quite yummy actually....the chicken skin is crispy and  fish paste is well flavored , so on the whole it was not bad.  After dinner, we adjourned for a session of  karaoke  at  Embassy K-Box Karaoke, Jusco  .....mmmm didn't know that I can croak away......LOL!  but you should hear Quay Po and Reana sings.....gosh ! they are born singers alrights.  I enjoyed their singing very much and I hope we can have this karaoke sessions more often :)  

Deep fried fish paste wrapped in chicken skin...yummy !

the skin is crispy and the paste flavorful...

' Poon Choy '  RM210 for 6 persons....

the sea cucumbers are thick ....mmmm 

this the second side dish...Fried Udon....not bad

Thank you girls for a wonderful time together
and looking forward to more fellowship !

*            *          *


  1. U're not the last, trust me.. LOL!

  2. Elin, you are not the last, I have not written a post on our meet yet. Tell me about it, I was stuffed that evening. I enjoyed myself very much and I had so much fun singing with you girls and dancing with Lena. Woohoo!

  3. I must try that poon choy one day. Seems to be Claire's favourite and the favourite of many. The fried udon looks good too...

  4. The chicken look very fierce la. Lol.

    Sure a jolly time you all had. Live the look of the poon choy

  5. my galette not that nice lar..malu only..i dont want to post that also..LOL! anyway, i didnt know that you can sing chinese songs..i really have underestimated you!! thank you for being there..muacks!!

  6. Wendy, Veron and Lena....I so blur la...been bending my head over the computer the last 7 days since our meet time to check blogs but saw most you have updated on facebook :p happy that Wendy and Veron have not posted yet...hahaha skipping on my trotters :)

    Arthur.....yeah, it is kinda fun to dig and see what each restaurant has for their poon choy. Claire's favourite no doubt :)

    Kathy....haha yeah the chicken looks garang after she is being I meant fried ! LOL!

  7. Love the pictures!! We must meet up again.. maybe this time we include the male bloggers as well!!! hehee...

  8. Wow! A luxurious Poon Choy!
    Never had that before actually despite it is a Hakka dish & both my parents are Hakka! :p

    Sounds like a really good night :)
    Glad you all had fun!

  9. Yes we had a fantastic night out, good food and belting away. Lena did a wonderful job!

  10. How nice that you bloggers gathered together!

  11. Gosh, looks like you girls had so much fun. Saw the karaoke pics too! Next trip the girls make, maybe I'll impose and invite myself! Hehe.

  12. So nice that you all got to meet up. The food looks fantastic! I got back not too long agao and I am already missing the food.


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