Monday, June 18, 2012

Wild Boar's Day @ Sushi Zanmai - The Gardens

The happy but at the same time tired Wild Boar celebrated his ' Wild Boar's Day ' at Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens.  Tired because we travelled all the way from Ipoh to KLIA  and  after sending off our Piggy Josh off to UK , we checked in at the Boulevard Hotel  at 7pm and  after which we adjourned for Japanese food at Sushi Zanmai...( in our salted state LOL)....thus the tired looking us  :)   We love this place..the food is not bad and reasonably priced too.  Each time we are there, we have to queue for 3/4 hour - 1 hour to be seated.  According to Piggy Joanna, the place is forever packed and if you are hungry, you can forget about this place unless your are there early.   By the time we checked in and settled down, it was past 8pm and by the time we sat down to eat, it was almost 8.45 pm....anyway if it is not to celebrate WB's ' Day' we would not have eaten here, for the place was really packed.   Anyway, we were tired and not really hungry, we just stay in the queue and join the mad crowd......LOL! worth the waiting...the food was great !   We had a sumptious meal and had a great bonding time together. Unfortunately Piggy Josh couldn't join us for the feast, his plane took off at 7.30pm that night...but we had our bonding together at the airport chilling away at the Secret Recipe before he checked in for his flight to UK :)))

We ordered quite a sumptious one considering there were just the three of us.  Anyway, the food served was delicious and I love that Aburi Kaki Carp the is fresh oyster with garlic oil and garnish with fried garlic and tomato bits....this is really delicious...mmmm thinking of it makes me salivates away :)   The sushi rolls are commendable and their makis are delicious too, generously packed with chuka lidako and  ikura .  I am glad that Wild Boar has taken a liking to Japanese food and we are happy that  he is as adventurous as we are and willing to try out stuff he has never tried before. 

Aburi Kaki Carp @  RM6.80 for two pieces of oyster

Fiery Rolls  - RM12.80 
fills with deep fried soft crab

close up of the fiery roll

Chuka Lidako Maki @ 3.80  - 2 pieces

Salmon Ikura Maki  @ 9.60 - 2 pieces

Summer Roll  @ RM13.80

close up of summer roll

Salmon Crab Maki @ 17.60

Sashimi Salad With Sesame Dressing
@ RM13.80

the lovely and fragrant sesame dressing
for the sashimi salad...yummy

this is my main meal -  Seafood Treasure that comes with a bowl of
japanese rice  @RM15.80

this is Wild Boar's Karaage Don @ RM8.80

this is Piggy Jo 's Kakiage Soba  @ RM10.80

 a camwhoring time.....a tired Wild Boar with Piggy Jo

the tired Momsie Elin with Piggy Jo :)
she is full of energy and she makes the day
shines for us...thank you Piggy for the
wonderful meal :)))) and I am sure
Dada enjoyed the meal as much as us !
Looking forward to the next meet up
Japanese buffet the next time * oink oink

Sushi Zanmai - The Gardens
T-217 3rd Floor, The Gardens,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603)22821160

*              *           * 


  1. Would you have the recipe for Sesame Seed Salad dressing?????

  2. Why no pic of you and WB?
    Must give him a big kiss ma.

  3. Your daughter is pretty and your family is so blessed and happy. God bless. Theresa

  4. Great feast! For a moment, I thought you're really eating wild boar! Hahaha! Lovely family shots :)

    Hey Elin, head over to my
    Giveaway: Luxurious Stay For 2 Worth RM1,000 At Casa Del Rio, Melaka!, open to all readers worldwide!

  5. wow! next time take me there Elin!! my girl will love this too!

  6. Elin, how nice WB's day meaning Elin makan day too! haha....
    Hope you're having a lovely day.


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