Friday, November 4, 2011

Walking Down Memory Lane - Elinluv's Tidbits Corner

I was tagged by Kristy of   My Little Space , to do this 7 Link true..I find it challenging for I love every single recipe found on my blog....of over 784 posts and each post was done with so much passion in it.  So to pick one for each topic is really heart many popular ones and so many that deserved attention yet not LOL!  Okay, the biggest reason being , I have been pretty busy lately and also procrastinating all the year :p So it is time to do this before the year ends.  My sincere apology to Kristy for taking such a long time to do this up :)

Let's reminisce some of my past posts that I think needs mentioning again :p

1)  The Most Beautiful Post......"Ferrero Rocher White And Dark Chocolate Cake" . It was hard ...really hard to pick one from the 784 posts but I think this is the most beautiful cake I had baked for my birthday with those mouth-watering white and dark chocolate !  Yummy  :)  

Ferrero Rocher White And Dark Chocolate Cake

2)  The Most Popular Post......" Fruits de le mer Pasta In Papilotte "  ...well, I guess I had many visitors for this particular post , so does this make it popular ? :p   This dish is popular not just with friends and readers and my family love this sinful indulgence :)  all those mouth watering seafood in the pasta and the aroma and flavor trapped in the papilotte....a wonderful one meal dish which I am sure will be popular with busy momsies or working people :)

Fruits de le mer Pasta In Papilotte

3) The Most Controversial Post......for the time being I do not have one that has a debate over it yet :)

4)  The Most Successful Post......" Salmon In A Jar " .  After joining French Fridays With Dorie, I have mastered many new dishes with a touch of french style cooking and have succeeded in making my first cured salmon chunks !  And I have make many friends from all  parts  the world. Cooking together the same dish on a Friday makes it fun and challenging besides the exchanging of reviews on the dish.  Sharing the same passion for a particular dish by Dorie Greenspan :)  A link to many food bloggers around the world !

Salmon In A Jar

5)  The Post That Did Not Get The Attention It Deserved..... " Apple Pannenkoek " . This is a light meal that is healthy and that I think many would love it but it did not catch much attention though.  For me , this is the most easy to whip up meal for the day...for breakfast , for supper or even for snack in between meals. Easy digestable and tasty and I would like to bring to your attention once again so that you may like it too and make this for your family for their breakfast or serve this for a light brunch :)

Apple Pannenkoek

6)  The Post I Am Most Proud Of  ......" Roast Chicken Breast With ' Turkey Stuffing ' " ...I think this is one chicken dish that I love and I think it is a successful one for I won  the 1st Prize  from Swee San     :)  a Nigella Lawson Christmas Cookbook was the Prize for the cooking competition.  Yay! my first participation and I won ! so I can consider this as a successful post :)   Xmas is just around the corner , so maybe you would like to try this recipe for this coming Xmas !

Roast Chicken Breast With ' Turkey Stuffing '

7)  The Most Helpful Post......"  Homemade Kimchi " . I realised that knowing how to my own Kimchi is an added plus point in my whole cooking experience.  I love kimchi and being able to make my own and sharing and teaching others how to make this korean kimchi a blessing.  I sincerely wish this kimchi post is helpful to those who wants to make their own homemade kimchi... I know Lena of Her Frozen Wings had made some herself after reading my Kimchi post :p 

Homemade Kimchi

Thank you Kristy for giving me this opportunity to reminisce on
all my old posts and once again being able to share with my readers and
friends on these few worth mentioning posts 
and thank you, my readers for walking down memory lane 
 together with me :)))

Have a nice weekend !

*             *             *


  1. i remember most of these posts, yes except for that apple...gosh, how to pronounce that? loves your kimchi, not only that post is helpful, you're a helpful too, thanks so much, would be posting that very soon!

  2. oh no...why this many dishes to have me drooling

  3. What a fun roundup, Elin! Great choices.

  4. All of your photos look great!

  5. Isn't this the perfect tag? It really allows you to bring back some forgotten but worth mentioning posts. I remember your beautiful birthday cake. I haven't seen the Pannenkoek post before this but brings me back to a memory of a friend from Holland who's been raving about it to me so I may get a chance to try it out after all, thanks to you. The "Turken" is a great idea for Christmas and I've made your Kimchi, posted about it and loved how easy it is without having to empty my wallet. Great list!

  6. Love this post, so I can try out your delicious recipes. I think I can try out the Kimchi as my family start to love Kimchi now. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I definitely remember that cake.. it was where I got the inspiration for my hubby's birthday cake:)

    Keep up the good work Elin,
    Love your blog

  8. This is my first time checking out your blog, and what a great post to read! It really gave me a clear idea of your work! Lucky me. Looking forward to following you!

  9. I'm sure this will mark a sweet smile on your face. Love the cake very much as well. Have bookmarked it since then but have yet tried it out. Will soon! :o)
    Hope you're enjoying your evening.
    Cheers, Kristy

  10. Love your 7 links....I still remember the cake...just stunning.

  11. Lena...I am looking forward to your Kimchi post:)

    Kathy...I wish you were my neighbor , then I can share some of my bakes with you and Joshua :)

    Cher...yea, I enjoy looking thru some of my old post :) it was fun no doubt :)

    Yummychunklet...thanks :)

    Ping....yea I read your post on it amnd glad that you like it :)

    Sonia...thanks and I think you will love it..the Kimchi I mean. Homemade ones are nicer more oomph :) After making them myself, I never buy them anymore :)

    Wendy...glad you like this cake and thanks for always there to give me encouragement :)

    Allison..welcome and I hope you will drop by more often :)

    Kristy...thanks for giving me the opportunity to showcase some of my older posts :)

    Angie...thanks :)

  12. i'll be having another christmas giveaway coming up soon!! :)c

  13. Thanks goodness someone tagged you in this 7 links challenge otherwise I might have never seen that cake! Bookmarked it!!

  14. Swee San....Yay! I am looking forward to it :)

    Roxana...haha yea I am so glad that I was tagged...this gave me the opportunity to look back at some wonderful cakes and dishes I have bake and cook the last two years :) Hope you will like the cake :)

  15. Oh I love these 7 link posts. I really enjoy remembering and, so much fun for me to see what I missed of blogs that I haven't been reading too long. You sure make some beautiul food...I need to make sure I don't miss any more posts.


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