Monday, December 29, 2008

Daddy's Special Pot Roast

Happy Holidays to all my friends , my blogger friends and my blog readers..hmmm sounded long winded a bit though but I know for sure I am having a wonderful year end long holidays with my Piggies ^ *
I did not cook much during this holiday season coz most of the time we ate out or we were invited to eat together with friends….a get together sort of parties :)
I have to post up Daddy’s special dish for us on Christmas Eve dinner…long overdue though ^ * This dish is specially prepared for us…heehee he loves to cook western for us. Adapted from the Pot Roast recipe. He used lamb shoulders instead of beef chucks. While it was cooking in the pot, the aromatic smell from the mixed herbs infused into the pieces of lamb shoulder was really mouthwatering. He stewed it till the lamb shoulders was tender and the gravy absorbed into the carrots and big onions. It was a dish that my Piggies looked forward to. Haha, I wish there were many Christmases in a year (“,)
Thumbs up for this wonderful dish that Daddy took the time to show off his skills in cooking for his Piggies. When we were courting , how come he never cook this dish for me :( ….juz kidding. Thanks Daddy for such a wonderful dish! New Year Eve’s dinner …..what are you cooking for us???



  1. Wah, although I don't eat lamb, but this dish by your hubby really looks yummy!

  2. Its a lovely dish for the family...with all your hubby effort and love.

  3. haha your dad must be a good cook! My dad too hehe! :)
    But why I saw something like "Twister Fries" besides the dishes? hehe :)

  4. @ little Inbox: Haha, after 26 yrs of marriage, I just discovered he can COOK! :p

    @ ck lam : :) it was delicious no doubt with a dash of effect and a pot of love (",)

    @ Malaysia Food Blog : Hi , welcome to my blog. Daddy is actually my hubby. I called him Daddy after my kids :) Yup, he bought a bag of Mc Cain 'twister fries' from the cold storage for the kids sake :) Smart Daddy..rite?

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