Monday, July 23, 2012

Pasta With Shrimps And Avocado Salad

I have been down with a bad cough and cold since Friday and the best food to serve is a plate of pasta....when I am tired and wanted something nice to perk me up, I will whip up a pasta dish.  To make it more delicious, I added a few shrimps for Wild Boar and a avocado salad as a side for my simple pasta.  The ingredients to go with this tasty pasta is black olives, tomatoes and slices of cooked ham and lots of dried herbs :)  This pasta dish surely whet my appetite and I wallop alot of the avocado fact I finished up the whole bowl of chilled avocado salad.  Simple and yet delicious !   

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bloggers Meet Up @ Sun Lee How Fook, Ipoh

I know I am the last to post this up.....:p I had one hard week ..rushing a project off and finally I have it done. So I can now post up some photos taken during our bloggers meet up dinner @ Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant . I am sure many of you will know who is who without me introducing :)  They are all famous bloggers except Elin   :p  We had a wonderful  time of fellowship and walloping the  'poon choy ' a dish that I find intriguing.  For me digging into the claypot to see what is inside is kinda fun :p    The food was okay but food is not that is the fellowship and my first time meeting Quay Po , her friend Peng and her reader Cindy.    Thank you girls , for your gifts and Lena , thank you for your Blood Orange Galette ! Love it !   Ooops.. I guess we have all forgotten to take a snap of her galette..;p  I guess we were like python after that heavy dinner LOL! 

 drums rolling....the beauties are.......
seated from left: Elin, Cheah, Wendy
Standing from left : Reana, Veronica and Lena

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pasta Ratatouille With Mussels And Fresh Shimeiji

Combining two most delightful ingredients in my pasta meal makes me the happiest person.  I can tuck in 2 plates each time and yet not feel guilty LOL!  Mussels and shrooms are the star of this pasta.  I added in eggplant/aubergine and tomatoes for a ratatouille flavor , turning it more into a ratatouille pasta than anything else.  Even Wild Boar took more than his usual portions :)  This is simple and easy to whip up especially if you are hard pressed for time.  The mussels I used are fresh from the wet market without shells on. I prefer this than the frozen ones . I love the flavorful thick sauce coated on every strand of spaghetti and the subtle fragrant of the fresh italian parsley ....mmmmm delish !  

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