Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Korean Cuisine - To Our Delights!

Daddy and piggy boy wanted to eat at Nando's for dinner but piggy gal and myself don't want to eat Nando so we decided to split up for dinner. Daddy and piggy boy will eat at Nando's while Piggy gal and myself will go for Korean food. As both of us haven't eaten korean food before ,we were both game for it. Thus ,we ended up in this korean restaurant on the highest floor in Mid Valley. we entered the restaurant, one of the waiter greeted us " annyeonghaseyo " meaning "Good evening " ... well, we do feel awkward...but we were both in the mood to try something different. So be it. Piggy gal and I did enjoyed ourselves very much. Arr...a nite we can call our " girlie nite" ..without the guys tagging along. (",)

Restaurant Korea Kyung Joo

This is yours truly - Momsie

I ordered this rice set " Doo Boo jjikeh " a seafood soup with glass noodles, tofu, straw mushrooms, enoki, cucumber, prawns, crab meat cooked in hot spicy bean paste and comes with side vegetables like kim chi, big bean sprouts, fish cakes, spinach and shredded melon and a bowl of rice

Piggy gal ordered this " Kim chi jjikeh " a mixture of glass noodles, oyster mushrooms, enoki, slices of pork, carrots, cabbage cooked with kim chi....sourish taste.

Piggy gal can't wait to try this side dishes ;)

Piggy gal can't wait to savour it.....heehee's hot

We ordered this Strawberry Red Tea...a must try ! It has a very fragrant taste...sip it slowly,you get to taste the strawberry flavor after every sip. It is very special indeed.

Lastly for dessert, we ordered a wasabi ice cream
It really gives you the kick.
Rating- Very good

Piggy gal and I had a wonderful and satisfying dinner. We promised ourselves that we will definitely come again to this cozy little Korean restaurant. We will try other dishes from the menu.. as we eat, we spy on other patrons what they ordered for their dinner. Haha that we know what to order the next time when we come again.
We left the restaurant and this time the waiter knew that we are not his native, he just greeted us " thank you " . The waiters and waitresses are koreans. I guess it must be a family business. Haha...who cares as long as their food is nice. Yummilicious!!!

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