Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Unveiled - Face-lift of the Ipoh Railway Station

Ipoh Railway Station
25th February,2008
at 10.30am

Entrance to Platform 1

The new escalator

the new double tracks for the electric train

Platform 1

The train arriving on time for once :)

This is not the electric is still the old coaches... :)
The new electric train will start sometime in April 2008

The Ipoh railway station has undergone a face-lift . New steel structure roofs and double tracks and high tension electric cable for the electric train which will most probably start running in April this year. Whooppee.... good news for piggy gals.

For now it look kinda deserted coz the station is not operating fully yet. We decided to take a train ride to Kuala Lumpur for a short break, thus for our presence there at the station. We have not been on a train for the last few years since it was closed for renovation. It was fun for us....for the journey brought back memories of yester years where we travelled frequently to KL and Penang by train. My piggies still enjoyed the beautiful scenery of old disused mining pools and the cows and goats gazing the grass on the villages fields. To the city people, these are rare sights to behold.

Today we were given the chance to see these sights again...and now my piggies are grown up and still enjoy watching out from the train window and grinning to themselves whenever they see goats and farm fowls ... so care free in the open space. Villages children running and playing so happily with no worries on them.

Well I pray that the electric train will start running in April this year. I understand that it will have 5 trips daily to Kuala Lumpur and each trip will take about one and three quarters hours to reach KL Central. Good news indeed to us piggies!

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