Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hearty Lunch at Nando's @MidValley

This trip to KL was a half holiday and half business thingy. Piggies are both having their semester break so I took leave and tagged along with daddy ,whilst he does his business, we did our own window shopping. We met up for lunch once he finished his business. We stayed at Cititel, MidValley, so it was very convenient for all of us. We chose to stay there becoz we knew we won’t get bored. Food and Entertainment and IT center… all in one place….haha smart of piggies to suggest that we stayed there this trip. ;) I know piggy boy wanted to see the phone he has in mind to purchase….hmmm it has been eating him up the last few weeks before we made this trip. Surfing non-stop and gathering info on this particular phone Nokia E series. Yo…..young man, be wise in spending money even though you earned it yourself!

We managed to meet up for lunch on one occasion. It was Nando's again! Daddy loves Nando's Peri Chicken but piggy gal and Momsie are not enthusiasts BUT I do love the chilli sauce that goes with the BBQ chicken. The Nando's has three types of chilli sauce…one being the Extra Hot Peri-Peri, one with Garlic Peri-Peri ( very fragrant ) and the other is Hot Peri-Peri. Haizz… And I forgot to purchase a bottle back. : ( It costs about RM9.90 each.

See how daddy attacked the BBQ chicken? He ate every morsels of it!

Can you wipe that smile off your face? 
You don't have to tempt me..I know it is yummilicious!

Oink oink.... this piggy loves dessert...a real chocolatey gal

Momsie and Piggy Gal..while waiting for their dessert

Finally the dessert arrived. Chocolate Mudcake with Vanilla Ice Cream Topping.
One word .. heavenly !

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