Friday, December 12, 2008

Cheese And Smoked Streaky Bacon Twists

At last, I am back to baking again and this time round, I tried out this recipe from dailydelicious , Cheese & Salami Twists. I have no salami available in the fridge so I substituted it with smoked streaky bacon, chopped them up and lightly fry them in a non-stick pan to get the aroma of fried bacon..hmmm really mouth watering while frying this chopped bacon. 

As usual, her Cheese & Salami Twists is another award winning recipe :) really , it turned out really soft and light and the aroma of smoked bacon really can get me intoxicated. Especially while it was being baked in the oven. A keeper for sure and I will definitely bake this again. Haha, please do not compare mine with handiwork is truly horrible..I can't even get a good twist...I guess the saying goes again for this...practice makes perfect. I must confess, my skill in twisting it, despite following her step by step demo , was simply horrendous...but I promise you I will practice till I have mastered the art  in  twisting it to perfection :)))) Meanwhile, just drool as if you are looking at a master piece.  Okay, I know, I am not doing justice to dailydelicious. Hers was simply marvelous..she can turn a piece of dough into something marvelous and delicious!!!

The texture of the bun is soft and light...the smoked streaky bacon and mozzarella cheese blends well and the end result, a bun you will not forget and you will hunger for more after taking the first bite.

Thanks, Pook for sharing yet another wonderful bun recipe. I love it and I am sure my Piggies will love it too. At the time of baking this wonderful bun, my Piggies  were away in college but I will make again for them when they come back for their Christmas Holidays!


  1. Wow looks so delicius. I can imagine the wonderufl aroma when you are makinf rhzm, not to mention the wonderful taste when you eat them. Superb

  2. wow, i'm sure these tastes as good as they look :P u started taking orders for this yet? coz i wanna be number 1 on that list :P

  3. Oh yummy, cheese and streaky bacon. What more could I ask for ....

  4. Ooh super yummy... would be better with much more bacon ! :)

  5. @ Happy cook : :) They are wonderful to eat..yummilicious no doubt. Thanks for dropping by.

    @ Joanna & Josh : Thanks Piggies for your constant support..eating those failed projects :P

    @ Jo: Hi, thanks for dropping by and your kind comments :)

  6. You can't go wrong with bacon! We're having a party food recipe contest and would love to have you enter - I've linked to the contest through my name. Deadline to enter is today at 4 p.m. Pacific Time.

  7. Hi Emily,

    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the invitation:)