Saturday, March 26, 2022

Wonton Wrappers Recipe

I decided to try out a new wonton wrapper recipe , recommend by a friend from Perth. She gave me the link and knowing me ,anything to do with noodles and wonton wrappers making, I will not hesitate to try out. This is my third try in making wonton wrappers. It turned out easier when I used the pasta maker to roll out to consistent thickness. Had a fun day making these wrappers. I was also adventurous and did a batch of wonton noodles too. Click  Wonton Noodle for the noodle recipe. The wrapper recipe is at end of page. The Kitchen is my Laboratory where I do my experiments and test it on my hubby the Meat Eater. I just need to perfect a better meat fillings. This filling is a bit compact though it is tasty.
pasta maker gives consistent thickness 

Thicker wrappers for fried wonton

Thinner wrappers for soup wontons
Freeze them for future use as emergency food
Tried the thinner wrappers for fried Wontons and they turned out having softer crisps but good too

Recipe for the Wonton wrappers

300 grams AP flour
160 grams of water
1/4 tsp salt

Mix them together and knead for 6 mins. Rest 30 mins. Knead again till smooth. Roll dough from #0 to #9 into thin sheet. Cut into 2.5 inches square. Use potato starch as dusting flour.

To watch the  whole video, click here

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