Sunday, September 5, 2021

Aromatic And Easy Three Cup (San Bei ) Tofu

This is one awesome  tofu dish that I had eaten this year.  It is a Taiwanese dish that is packed with Thai Basil and coated aromatic sauce. It is called Three Cups Tofu because it is made of three main ingredients namely  : Soy Sauce , Toasted Sesame Oil and Chinese Cooking Wine.  According to Woon Heng whose recipe I used , wrote saying that it is not necessarily to use 1 cup each of the main ingredients. It would be too much. Thus I used equal parts or as close as possible to the portion of tofu used. It turned out so aromatic and delicious. The sauteed garlic, ginger and Thai basil gives this dish its aromatic flavour. Of course together with the sauce ingredients of Soy Sauce, Toasted Sesame Oil and Chinese Cooking Oil , this dish is a WOW and a keeper too. A vegetarian dish that is not bland at all.  You can use the same sauce recipe with Chicken meat too .  Check out the recipe link I have provided at the bottom of the page. A word of thanks to Woon Heng for sharing a great delicious and flavours packed tofu dish with us. It brings this Tofu dish up a level.


Click  link for Three Cup (San Bei ) Tofu


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