Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Crispy Sesame Tofu

Another try out of Woon Heng of 's Crispy Sesame Tofu. Easy to prepare and it's a great vegan finger food. Can be served as a snack for Movie Night. I used frozen firm tofu which gives the tofu a compact spongy texture which we like very much. Crispy on the outside and soft compact spongy on the inside. Tasty as the tofu has been marinated with aromatic sweet marinade. They are baked so they are healthy finger-food.

Crispy on the outside ,spongy texture on the inside

It's freaking healthy, baked and plant based
Place sesame coated tofu on greased liner and dab vegetable oil on
surface of tofu for a crispier top
marinate tofu slices with the prepared
marinade sauce
Freeze firm tofu overnight to get the spongy texture

Click here for the recipe

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