Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Roast Chicken With Ginger Paste

I have been quite lazy lately...after the CNY celebrations.   Eating out with friends and relatives most of the time since I came back from a week stint in KL had made me a lazy momsie :p  And yesterday dinner was having this roast chicken with ginger paste. Simple roast and yet aromatic.  Serve this with gherkin pickles and it was yummy good!  Wild Boar loves it and as long as he is happy with his meal , I am happy too * wink  The way to a man's heart is through the true !

I prepared some ginger paste which is a combination of minced old ginger, chopped shallots , ground black pepper and salt.  Rub the ginger paste on the chicken and let it seasoned for an hour.  Roast the chicken for 45 minutes and tada you have the most delicious roasts ever.  I like the chicken to have a bit of color so I rub some thick soy sauce on the chicken before I rub the ginger paste on the whole chicken.  To make the roasting easier, I cut the into halves and this will help cook the chicken faster and it browned evenly too.

When laziness takes control of me , this is what I will serve to Wild Boar.  Less washing and I don't even bothered to cut the chicken into pieces   LOL!  I will leave that to your imagination how we attacked the roasts . The chicken is quite small in size, so he had a half and a quarter of mine. I took the leg and wing and he helped me finished the breast...ahem ...don't man loves breast, I beg your pardon, I meant chicken breasts !

Have a great day !

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  1. Ginger paste sounds delicious with this roasted chicken.

  2. Looks like simple it taste hot
    with the ginger paste? My daughter love roasted or fried drumstick.

  3. Yummychunklet...yea it is :)

    Jes's Deli, it does not taste hot :)

    Sonia...haha yea simple and yummy for busy people and lazy people like me :p

  4. i've tried baking with ginger paste but your roasting looks so nice and very well roasted! do you use the grill function of just normal baking function in your oven?

  5. Lena...I used the normal rosting function....mine was darker color coz I added thick soya sauce to the chicken :) and shallots burns easily :)

  6. Very nice! i like the dk soy touch on the skin mmmm , i think may bring out the flavors even more. Simple and tasty!
    We love roast chicken on lazy nights!
    Thank you,
    Cookng Sisters

  7. Wow - I love how simple yet impactful this one is. Ginger is one of my favorites, and what's better than a crispy roast chicken? Nice!

  8. lishapisa...yeap, it is simple yet aromatic delicious :)

    Kiri W....then you must try this out since ginger is your fav ingredient :)

  9. Yum, I am a gingeraholic! This looks absolutely mouthwatering! Skin looks so inviting! Am your latest follower on Connect now! Lin xx

  10. is delicious ! finger licking good :p

    LinsFood...thanks for your support and joining in as a follower of my blog :)