Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pan Seared Honey Teriyaki Chicken Onions

I was down with flu the whole of last week and had been on a course of antibiotics  , thus I have not been cooking anything nice of late and have been on a simple diet of just plain ABC soup with vermicelli. I cannot expect Wild Boar to go on the same diet like me , so I just pan seared this simple chicken drumstick with lots of onion rings just for him when I was feeling better.  He loves it even though it is such a simple dish :)

He ate heartily even though it is a just this dish with my ABC soup.  I marinated the deboned chicken drumstick with  honey teriyaki sauce , a dash of white pepper and pan seared them for 20 minutes with  a tablespoon of grapeseed oil , add in the onion rings last and stir fried them together for another 6 minutes. Dish up and served with hot steaming rice with a bowl of ABC soup and the  Wild Boar is contented :) 

love the sizzling effect of the chicken pieces.on the hot non stick pan...
aromatic and if I was much better and had a better appetite
I would love to have this for my dinner :p

Yummy ! 

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  1. Oh rest well Elin.
    My brother's family in Ipoh is down with very bad flu too. They were sick for more than 1 week. It happened right after Christmas.

  2. Do get more rest and I guess it's the very hot and humid weather problem. My kids are down with flu too. :(

    Btw, love yr teriyaki chicken. Yums.

  3. Wendy...yea I will. The weather is horrible and many are having flu in my office :(

    Belly Good Cooking...take care of the children. I am just recovering :) No appetite lately too.

    yummychunklet...haha WB loves it :)

  4. of course mr boar is contented, looking delicious! something must be wrong with his taste buds if he's not..haha!

  5. Looks like the virus is in the air. The three old folks here are all down with flu and coughing. Haiyah, hope we all get well soon, if not it will spoil our CNY. Hope you recover soon too. Your teriyaki chicken looks delicious.